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23 January 2007

The Compound Eye of the Dragonfly

- is 300 million years old

Written 20-22 January 2007 - (60 lines)


Preserved in rock
Which stopped the clock
So the story could be told
The compound eye
Of the dragonfly
Is three hundred million years old

It looks just the same
As the one which came
So close to me yesterday
It hovered in the sun
And the inspection done
Went swiftly on its way

It seems that no feature
Of this elegant creature
Has changed during time's awesome span
That is truly amazing
Those high-tech eyes gazing
On this world so long before man

The battle-cry:
"Adapt or DIE!"
Is generally accepted
We are asked to believe
There is no reprieve
All is naturally selected

That the law is still
Get killed or kill
As the fight for survival rages
Yet the dragonfly
Refused to die
And flew on down through the ages

In size so close
They would superimpose
As if it had just defected
One locked in stone
One a free-flying drone
As if just resurrected

If experiment
Without intent
Through casual rolls of the dice
Had relevance
To life's advance
A few million years would suffice

This fragile thing
With its delicate wings
Has not behaved as expected
We can either delude
Ourselves or conclude
It arrived already perfected

The dragonfly
And its compound eye
Clearly did not evolve
Trusted so long
Could Darwin be wrong?
An issue here to resolve!

We ask in vain
Try to explain
And the subject is much debated
It seems to me
The answer must be
Simply: it was created!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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