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16 January 2007

Political Islam is Here to Stay

- so will not go away!

Written 15 January 2007 - (25 lines)


The expression "feet of clay" is a figure of speech
from the Bible (Daniel 2:31-45) and indicates an
inherent weakness in the very nature of something
or somebody generally assumed to be all-powerful
and therefore respected.


Political Islam is here to stay
And the sooner you leaders of the USA
And the rest of the West grasp that we may
All be safer, but your brutal display
Of arrogance and power has led you astray
It fills every right-thinking soul with dismay
But it carries, and this is the comforting ray
Of hope, the seeds of its own decay

Ha! You have been unable to lay
The head of Osama on a silver tray
To present to the world with a phrase like: "Hey
We got him, too!" - as that jackass would bray

Stop, reconsider and without delay
Reason, if you can, and carefully weigh
Your options, think of the price you will pay:
For every Muslim you maim or slay
Ten, or a hundred, will join the fray
Or retreat, regroup, rearm and they
Will return to fight you another day
Make the Great Satan reel and sway
On his clumsy fragile feet of clay

You can rant and curse, hope and pray
But whatever you do it will not go away
Political Islam which does not stray
From the path of Allah is here to stay!


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