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5 July 2007

Intelligent Design

- or pure chance?

Written June-July 2007 - (54 lines)


Not easy to see
Against the tree
A hawkmoth was taking some rest
It suddenly stirred
Startled by a bird
Which was busy making a nest

It spread its grey
Forewings in display
Adopting a defensive stance
The bird made a squeak
Dropped the straws in its beak
And gave it a surprised glance

On the underwings
Concentric rings
Coloured like animal eyes
Carefully traced
Suitably spaced
And the appropriate size

Some added white
Like reflected light
Makes the illusion complete
Of maybe an owl
Or a fox on the prowl
Looking for something to eat!

The bird got a scare
And took to the air
It did not want to come closer
The deception done
And the danger gone
The hawkmoth regained its composure

Of the look-alike stare
On its wings and of its function
The hawkmoth went through
What it is programmed to do -
A purely instinctive reaction

An intriguing trait
To imitate
Its enemy's enemies!
But the moth cannot think -
Where is the link?
How did it come to this?

How could chance
Possibly enhance
Life's terribly complex fabric?
It's a fairytale
Which will not fail
To enchant believers in magic!

Could all this come
About by some
Accidental random mutation?
Surely benign
Intelligent design
Is a more reasonable explanation!


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