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15 July 2007

The Jewry is Out

- Zionism (humour)

Written mid July 2007 - (32 lines)


Trial by Jewry is supposed to be fair
You have heard of twelve good men and true
But do take the greatest care
Or nasty things may happen to you

The Jewry is out and may not return
For quite some considerable time
While we wait we just might learn
What exactly was the crime

The Jewry is out for a count of twelve
It has something to do with history
The judge has promised not to delve
Too deep into that mystery

The Jewry went into recess to consult
With twelve Imams from Kerbala
They never divulged the final result
Of mixing cabal and kabbalah

The Jewry will not be back today
That news is now semi-official
Your lordship allow me leave to say
The session was nothing special

There is something as we leave the court
That I find deeply ironic
Both prosecution and defence were bought
For the Jewry was Zionic

Trial by Jewry is not much fun
In fact, it is better avoided
And where has all the evidence gone?
It is rumoured the Jewry destroyed it!

The latest news is, the Jewry is out
Out of its tiny mind, I swear
There is no particular reason to doubt
The accuracy of that - is there?


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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