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28 March 2009

Bush to Obama

- a new panorama or more melodrama?

Written 28 March 2009 - (17 lines)


As we move on from Bush to Obama
Is there anything new under the sun?

Instead of a more peaceful panorama
Of the world as seen from Washington
The megolamania and melodrama
Are virtually certain to carry on

Propaganda trucks have, in pursuit of Osama
Been laden with old lies and already gone
To continue the war that cannot be won

What have all the victims of America done?
A civilised world would steadfastly shun
Or threaten to come down like that well-known ton
Of bricks on savages whose credo is: "You stun
A big problem with a bigger gun!"

"Change we can believe in!" - Ha! It would be fun
Were it not so tragic! There will be little or none
For The US is Still Number One


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