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2 March 2009

If I Were a Jew

- would you do the same?

Written late February 2009 - (47 lines)


If I were a Jew
Would I have the same
Distorted worldview
As those who claim
The right to pursue
(Without proof or shame
Both long overdue!)
The locals, so came
Out of the blue
To kill and maim
Expel and subdue
Steal and tame
As protection withdrew

And the world would rue
It did not proclaim
Two states, when the issue
Later became
That toxic brew
Which will further inflame
For with justice taboo
And no rush to reclaim
Rights will devalue

Here is the clue
Though the argument lame:
All that is due
To the ancient fame
Of the chosen few

And at many a venue
Good people exclaim:
"All now to the rescue!"
To unanimous acclaim
From the lengthening queue

If I were a Jew
I would strive and aim
Do all I could do
To clear the good name
Of my faith, to put you
In the proper frame
To look straight through
The hideous game
Of the Zionists who
Are really to blame -
And you know it is true!

Without any undue
Delay I would sue
Israel and The New
World Order
, too!


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