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28 July 2009


- showing the way

Written mid July 2009 - (48 lines)


Faith is not for everyone
That is crystal clear
Even if miracles were done
Some would not go near

One will remain an atheist
And proudly add his name
To a quite impressive list
Of many men of fame

Debates do take place with some
And we have always blown
Their arguments to kingdom come -
But each to his own!

Many follow Jesus Christ
May he rest in peace
The eternal Zeitgeist
[German: spirit of the times]
Securing their release

Believing he was crucified
And that he later rose
That he was God personified -
But we are not of those

We Muslims are different
And have come so far
Already, and are quite content
To be the way we are

No clever complicated maths
Are needed here because
Rejecting many crooked paths
The straight one draws -

Us like a magnet's positive pole
And should we briefly stray
We feel we are no longer whole
So return to stay

Now you know where we can be found
In good times and in bad
Our numbers growing, just look around
Still we would be glad -

To welcome you to our ranks
There is always room for more
Join us in prayer and give thanks
More intensely than before

Forever striving and hoping still
That the travelling soul
When the journey is over will
Inshallah reach the goal

We take our faith at face value
Meaning seriously
To put it very briefly to you:


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