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15 June 2011

Modern Living

- is this your lifestyle?

Written mid June 2011
- (42 lines)


The wonderful West
Sets the standard for the rest
Here a few examples of the modern way of life:
Divorce coming soon
May I introduce you to my future ex-wife?

Why marry at all?
Just follow the call
From magazines and Hollywood and MTV
And they all show
That the only way to go
Is sex, drugs and rock-and-roll will set you free!

So partners parade
In the amusement arcade
Boasting they have been to bed with many more than you
See your doctor again
If that is the highest score that you can do!

Girls and boys
With the latest toys
Women with women and men with men
Enjoy! Have fun!
Come on everyone!
If life is for living, why are you waiting then?

They swop and share
Try out and compare
Insisting that adultery is time well spent
Sex is just a sport
And you can always abort
Legalised murder of the most innocent...

Or children grow
And never know
Who nor where in the world their father is
While the state
Funds a futile debate
That aims to determine: is the fault less hers than his?

We hear and see
The audacity
To call native tribes backward and primitive
Shake your head
And say instead:
What an idiotic and foolish way to live!


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Ruqayya said...

Well, who can argue with that?

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