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17 June 2011

Peace to the World

- and Justice for ALL

Written 17 June 2011 - (54 lines)


Dedicated to the Heroes and Heroines
fighting injustice anywhere and everywhere


Peace to the World and Justice for ALL
Surely a perfectly reasonable call?

And most would claim they do agree
So how can it be that what we see
Not only in brutalised Palestine
Is generally a steep decline
In respect for basic human rights?
Salute the hero who steadfastly fights
For what he knows to be good and true
And his message is coming through
Loud and clear to many now
But more should listen, anyhow
Call him names but on my list
He is Freedom Fighter not Terrorist!

The writing has long been on the wall:
Peace in the World means Justice for ALL

For Peace without Justice cannot exist
People fight injustice and resist
With any means that come to hand
To restore dignity to their land
To their lives and culture and those they love
As long as a vulture disguised as a dove
Of peace is sent "to ease the concerns"
With missiles and invariably returns
With empty talons while its breath
Reeks of blood and flesh and death
Leaving ruins and toxic smoke
Where babies burn and women choke
The ground confirming all worst fears
Contaminated for a million years -
Hopes for progress put to rest
By the oh-so-civilised West

But the brave set out their stall:
Peace to the World and Justice for ALL

How long before the penny drops:
Peace can start when injustice stops
But not one single day before
So holding hands for ever more
Will have to wait till Justice rules
And the arrogant greed which fuels
War and conflict everywhere
Is replaced with a will to share

And is that penny about to fall?
Peace to the World and Justice for ALL

We are not in this for fun
There is much work to be done
Many hardships to be endured
But you may all rest assured
We believe in what we defend

For we are in this for the long haul
One step at a time, however small
Even if we have to crawl:
Peace to the World and Justice for ALL


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Yemen said...

so beautiful and realistic words, peace and justice is the main demand we are crying for, may Allah guide us all

Mary Akel said...

This is awesome and well spoken poem, thank you my dear friend Ibraheem. Gods blessings to you <3

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