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23 June 2011

Vote the Veto

- or: Veto the Vote

Written late June 2011 - (44 lines)


Vote the veto or veto the vote?
Same result either way
There is an agenda to promote
But NOT the order of the day

Following rules that others wrote
Sinister interests are at play
Zion's commands learnt by rote
America knows what it must say

The UN suffers from permanent bloat
Palestine tops the full in-tray
Lots of time some now devote
To make sure that is where it will stay

Slowly recite the longest quote
From any famous political essay
Weasel words fit for a stoat!
Going on and on in an endless array

Frequent stops to clear your throat
Every conceivable delay
Any more principles left to betray?

Always pointing out the mote
In hollow horror and dismay
In the Muslim eye, they dote
On Israel, that rabid stray!

Hear them cackle as they gloat
Again proceedings went astray!
Those who represent the goat
Are making lots of lovely hay!

I have a brilliant idea to float
So let me put it on display
Though its acceptance is remote
Decent folks will hope and pray:

The perfect obvious antidote
Throw the Security Council away
And peace and justice, experts note
Will finally have a chance: HOORAY!

Or - hang up every wet turncoat
In the sun and watch them sway
Then dump them in the slimy moat
To slowly become a uniform grey

And as we go, a quick footnote:
Decent nations - refuse to pay!
All they can do is to demote
But benefits will far outweigh!


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Ruqayya said...

Sad, but true assessment. You just have a way of cutting to the chase, Ibraheem. Long may you go on.

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