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25 March 2013


- is a sacred number

Written early February 2013 - (40 lines)


We all well remember
The eleventh of September
Two thousand and one
When foul deeds were done
The aim to cause harm
To Muslims and Islam
The whole terror mission
Carried out with precision
Controlled demolition
Not just mad suspicion
But physical fact
Still nobody will act
The official commission
Noteworthy for omission
No mention at all
Of the collapse and fall
With an almighty crash
And many a strange flash
Of building number SEVEN
It will echo in heaven
Till the day justice reigns
And Palestine regains
Freedom once more
From the Zionist whore
And her client Jew-S-A
Let us all hope and pray
That it will not be long
Before a sacred song
Of thanks will be heard
And the crowds are stirred
To action against them
In al-Quds / Jerusalem
For a glorious fight
That will prove us right
When it finally ends
The slavery and sends
The Jews to the moon
It cannot come soon
Enough for most of us -
All gain and no loss!


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