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10 February 2015


- of hope

Written early February 2015 - (106 lines)


Forever sly
That nasty old guy
The chief rabbi
Casts his evil eye
On the butterfly
Of hope
friends and I
Just hatched nearby
On the fourth of July
It is ready to fly
Far and high
Into the sky
But he starts to tie
It down to dry
It out, or to buy
Enough time to pry
So he can decry
The design, and imply
That to satisfy
We should modify
It, simplify
It in ways whereby
It cannot multiply

Do not even try
To identify
How we apply
And diversify
Ourselves to deny
You finding out why
And how we defy

But until we die
We will NOT comply!

Nobody's ally
Slick looks belie
He will always rely
On deceit plus a lie
To get both my
And your slice of the pie!

He will stultify
And codify
And certify
And classify
And testify
And falsify
And vilify
And crucify!

But WE hereby
Not being shy
Now notify
And specify
With this reply:

No lullaby
Will mollify
Or nullify!

No alibi
Will qualify
To pacify!

Your foul pigsty
Will not dignify!

Nor verify
Nor clarify
Nor justify
Nor rectify
Nor ratify
Nor indemnify
Nor purify
Nor beautify
Nor glorify
Nor sanctify
Nor deify!

But magnify
And amplify
And putrefy!

If the old Levi
Is still feeling spry
Follow the Magi
Get lost in Sinai
Ask Malachi
To prophesy!

So stand by
For an outcry
That will underlie
And personify
And intensify
And solidify
And unify
To signify:

Your time to sigh
And say goodbye!

And the butterfly?

Shall not mummify
Nor ossify
Nor calcify
Nor petrify
Nor go awry

But exemplify
And typify
And fortify
And gratify

For it shall vie
To terrify
And mortify
And horrify
And stupefy
And mystify...


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