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1 January 2015

Fear Allah

- but why?

Written mid December 2014 - (40 lines)


Fear Allah! - the Quran says
In so many places and different ways
That the exhortation stays
With anyone who kneels and prays

Fear Allah! - but why must I fear
What I worship and hold most dear?
The deeper meaning is not clear
To my eagerly listening ear...

Fear Allah! - those words of dread
Will they hang there over my head
Day and night until I am dead?
Can I not simply love Allah instead?

Fear Allah! - is it a threat
To make sure I will never forget?
And should I do so will it be met
With retribution to make me regret?

Fear Allah! - and if I do not?
And not because I simply forgot
But if to me it makes no sense
What then might I experience?

Fear Allah! - and if I refuse
What then do I stand to lose?
My life or just my property?
Please explain this properly!

Fear Allah! - never seems to fade!
Too often stated and over-played?
But my Creator is the one who made
Me all that I am, so why be afraid?

Fear Allah! - but why oh why?
Inshallah, until the day I die
And way beyond for eternity
Should Allah grant me an entry
Into Jannah [Islam's Paradise] then I shall go
Proudly there and daily show
That He is the object of above
All else not my fear but my undying love

Without provoking Allah's wrath
Let me continue on the straight path
Day after day, year after year
Loving my Creator, but never in fear


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