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1 May 2013

House of Windsor, Bush and Saud

- nothing there to make us proud!

Written early April 2013 - (44 lines)


House of Windsor, Bush and Saud
Nothing there to make us proud!

That unholy trinity
Works against humanity
Still in step and holding hands
In many ways in different lands
Three as one behind the scenes
In as many disciplines
As you know of or can count
Time is short and we must mount
An offensive right away
So let us begin today

For the brave, scale their walls
Till the three-headed monster falls
For the rest, force their gates
Till their unity separates
Into its constituent parts
That is where real progress starts
Then pursue them one by one
For we know it can be done

Come on now, commence the fight
Without doubt the cause is right
Work if need be through the night
To level them with dynamite
Stand back in the morning light
And applaud the warming sight!

Then share the happy news
With everyone except the Jews

House of Windsor, built by slaves
Hear them cursing from their graves

House of Bush, built on lies
Told by former Nazi spies

House of Saud, built from crude
May it soon become unglued

House of Windsor, Saud and Bush
Waiting for the final push
As we cannot choose the place
To put an end to this disgrace
We will pick a time to suit
Those who come to give the boot
You think you are safe and strong
But it will not be very long
Till the harsh and overdue
Retribution comes to you!


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