26 June 2007


- and rising fast!

Written late June 2007 - (52 lines)


We Muslims make up approximately
Twenty percent of mankind
And if you study the demography
Of Israel you will find -

That very same pattern repeated there
Maybe just a coincidence?
But there as just about everywhere
We are growing in confidence

So the ratio in Israel broadly reflects
Humanity in all its profusion
Only a fool hears that and neglects
To draw the proper conclusion

If democracy matters and we are told that it does
Then numbers must be important
Good news for us Muslims simply because
Of potential lying dormant

As Muslim numbers continue to rise
Our message will grow stronger
The world might listen and if it is wise
Will not oppress us any longer

Soon Muslims will no longer tolerate
To be constantly demonised
The West might even co-operate
Now that WOULD be a pleasant surprise!

The West still refuses to accept
Islam's political voice
Though enlightened souls already suspect
That it really does not have a choice

We will demand real influence
And as we become more vocal
We will extend our governance
Local, regional, global

You cannot ignore the tendency
In Israel and worldwide
Muslims in the ascendency
A fact that you cannot hide

The media tries to mislead and confuse
But when all is said and done
Did you know that the ratio of Muslims to Jews
Is more than one hundred to one?

Read that encouraging bottom-line:
One hundred Muslims for every Jew!
Brothers and Sisters in Palestine:
We are many - they are few!

And I hope you all are ready for this
For there is some more good news:
Those who confess to be Zionists
Are no more than half of all Jews!

Twenty-Twenty and rising fast
We are ready for the climb!
We will return to our glorious past
It is only a matter of time!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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