17 July 2007

The Right of Veto

- in the UN Security Council should be abolished

Written mid July 2007 - (42 lines)


Early December two-thousand-and-six
The disingenous and dirty tricks
Of Security Council and The Quartet
Were laid bare again when the nations met
And the real international community
The United Nations General Assembly
Voted by more than eighty percent
In favour of a set of resolutions sent
Before it, and every single clause
Supported fully the Palestinian cause
Declaring ALL activity by Israel
In the occupied territories illegal!

So allow it to operate in a decent way
And the UN could have the ultimate say
In solving the various conflicts and wars
But of course that romantic statement ignores
The heart of the problem, and that is
The built-in designed paralysis:

The whole set-up is nearly broke
And that undemocratic, expensive joke
The Security Council is incapable
And terminally dysfunctional
So long as that Right of Veto remains
So scrap it at once and everybody gains
Except those who live outside the law
Like Israel, America, Britain and more!

Above their squeals of protest, a roar
Of approval would sound, from shore to shore
Of every continent, from civilised states
As the good news spreads and the world appreciates
That at last the UN may perform the role
Which was always intended, namely to uphold
The law for all humanity
With universal rights and dignity

Abolish that Right of Veto today
And this world of ours would be well on the way
To a better future for everyone
You know it makes sense and it could be done
In less than an hour if we really wanted to
So go ahead and do it, and I assure you
That the forces of good would quickly combine
And resurrect a land called Palestine!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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