28 April 2008

Feast or Famine

- reverse The New World Order, and now!

Written late April 2008 - (136 lines)


It is either feast or famine
So the saying goes
The rich cannot imagine
But nobody knows -

That better than the hungry
And starving everywhere
Small wonder they are angry
And starting to share -

Experiences about their fate
And common fight
To co-ordinate
Universal rights

Feasting is forever
The lesson you teach
That it should never
Get within reach -

Of all those who flee
Your heavy boot
Leaving you free
To rape and loot

Feasting is the reason
For everything you do
You have had your season
Now we have news for you!

Feast for some
And famine for most
Here they come
Thin as a ghost

Feast for the few
And famine for the rest
They can lick dew
And boil the cuckoo's nest

Feast for the fat
And famine for the lean
They can share the rat
Caught in the latrine

Feast or famine -
If you could choose
Which would be seen
To be of most use?

Easy to examine
And to decide
Time to come clean:
How many have died?

Beast or vermin?
Pick your choice!
First determine
Then raise your voice!

Feasting on the blood
Of innocent lives
Forward you plod
Sharpening knives

Feasting on the flesh
Of corpses every day
Providing a fresh
Incentive to slay

Feasting on the tears
That only mothers cry
The tanker steers
For the steady supply

Feasting in the boardroom
With your fellow crooks
May you die of boredom
From cooking the books

Feasting in the bedroom
With the usual whores
Your impending doom
Will settle old scores

Feasting until daybreak
Seven days a week
Denying the rest a stake
In the justice they seek

Feasting all the time
Feasting round the clock
For every single crime
You are in for a shock

Feasting on arrogance
You are on a binge
In blissful ignorance
That your fate will hinge -

On arrogance and ignorance
For they walk hand in hand
Keep this for reference
That you may understand!

Feasting on power
For its own sake
But soon the hour
Will strike and make -

You sit up and stare
Awake at last
Your turn to share
For here comes the past

And it will shake
Your dream very soon
Your world was a fake
So escape to the moon

Confused and blinking
The light of day
Will watch you sinking
Into cold clay

No time for thinking
For the game is up
Now finish drinking
Your blood-filled cup

Feasting forever?
Wait for the result!
It is now or never
Imminent revolt...

Nothing for the masses
And all for the few
You will drop your glasses
When we come to visit you!

For the wars that you wage
And all you destroy
May you die of old age
Too ill to enjoy!

"And what did we learn?"
Thank you Mr Clown!
That we should turn
The world upside down!

Last but not least
The West not the East
Should fast not feast
So blast the beast

The hearse will pass
The bursting mass
Of the thirsty class
Not reimbursed - Alas!

But the first will be last
Cursed and aghast
The worst will be cast
Into the past!

And the feast will end
One universal call
Will soon demand


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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