3 May 2008

The Holy Trinity

- Judaism-Christianity-Islam

Written early May 2008
- (130 lines)


NOTE: (added December 2011)
This poem reflected my state of knowledge at the time,
which, as far as Judaism goes, was in line with the commonly
held perceptions. I have since learnt a lot through further
study and now realise that the entire basis for the poem,
and therefore the title, is quite simply wrong.
However, I have decided to leave the poem on my website,
and unchanged, as a step on my road of personal progress.


Judaism, Christianity
And Islam are known as the three
Abrahamic religions, and teach
In many ways the same, though each
Conveys the message in its own
Way, but all three have grown
Indisputably from common roots
As one tree with different fruits -
A magnificent spiritual feast
In the harsh and dry Middle East


Now what is that title all about?
Before anyone starts to shout
Maybe time for a little doubt -
Can you spot the odd one out?

Should you find it hard, this may
Serve to help you on your way:

Two out of the above three
Reject outright the Trinity!

Two out of the above three
Reject outright the divinity
Of Jesus, the Palestinian Jew
Isa in Arabic, Yeshua in Hebrew

Two out of the above three
Reject categorically
Any kind of personality cult
Sure in the knowledge it will result
In deviation from the true
Religion that we should pursue

Two out of the above three
Do not believe in clemency
An Eye for an Eye is what they seek
As opposed to turning the other cheek

In the examples listed here
One thing quickly becomes clear:
The two are the same in every case!
How interesting, that surely must raise
Legitimate questions about the third -
The lines are quite deliberately blurred
So we believe any explanation heard
Or confused, so we do not understand a word


Judaism was the first
Christianity then burst
Upon the scene, and then came
Islam, carrying the same
Message with a purer flame

In terms of followers the figures read:
Christianity is still in the lead
But how much longer can it keep it up?
For Islam is rapidly closing the gap
And will soon overtake it to storm ahead
Through natural growth, but also fed
By many converts, so continues to spread!

And Judaism? I nearly forgot!
The barely visible last one of the lot...

Now, unity should get the nod
As all three do believe in God
Using different names to please
They know the Creator as one of these
Yahweh - God - Allah, we see
The striking similarity
For viewed fundamentally
All three faiths do agree:
Regardless of the chosen name

Many prophets came and went
And every one the Creator sent
Is honoured and revered today
By Muslims everywhere who say
May peace be upon them all
From Adam way back at the fall
To the last of the chosen few
Muhammad, the captain of the crew

Now this may well surprise you:
The Torah the old, the Gospel the new
The Quran the last, and lasting, law
And surely the proverbial straw
Which breaks the twin-humped camel's back
By showing the others were on the wrong track
Blundering erratically to and fro
When the straight path is where we should boldly go!

Take the time to examine all three
Dispassionately, and we can all see
Despite the differences which are there
The overwhelming fact that they share
The vital and vibrant central core
Which had been present long before
The first of the Trinity was revealed
For its fountain's origin was never sealed

The first two tried in their ways to bring
New interpretations of the existing
Framework for how we should worship and live
And each undoubtedly had something to give
But corruption and errors saw them go astray
From the direct path and the original way

Muhammad, peace be upon him, then came
And the world will never be the same
For although he did neither invent nor found
A new religion, he turned it around
Along a straight path led us back to the source
To worship only that almighty force
Of life and creation at work everywhere
Inviting us all to willingly share
His own new-found yet ancient belief
Having dawned upon him as a huge relief
Back to basics where the rest went wrong
It was pure and noble, simple and strong
Like the others, yet quite unlike them -
The faith of good old Abraham!

That moment the great revival began
And it has spread ever since to span
The globe in a call for unity
Justice and equality
One worldwide fraternity
Embracing all humanity


Two against one is never fair
But how can it be that everywhere
You look, Muslims are increasingly
Treated badly and suspiciously
In all they do, will do and have done
By Jews and Christians acting as one?

Hopefully the above has shown
It is Christianity out on its own:

The cousin that does not really fit in
A half-brother to a pair of twins

The one of the trio that plays out of tune
Maybe the key will be revealed soon?

The obvious anomaly
The black sheep of the family

Proven beyond any reasonable doubt:
Christianity is the odd one out!


Copyright © 2008 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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