1 March 2009


- and what would you do?

Written late February 2009 - (64 lines)


If you truly love something you should set it free!
Only then will you know if it was meant to be...

If it does return, it is surely out of choice
And you should be grateful and both rejoice

And if it does not, find a way to accept:
Philosophy, religion, somehow adapt
To the new circumstances, not ones you sought
But true togetherness cannot be brought
About by ignoring basic facts
Fundamental to the way that a living thing reacts

Do not force anything to belong to you
If it would rather not - well, what can you do?

Now, which is the better way to go:
Persuasion? Yes! - Coercion? No!
No two ways about it and it goes to show
We should not go against the natural flow

For which would you prefer: a reliable friend
Who will always be there for you till the end
Or an unhappy prisoner who cannot come and go
As he or she wants, so lets resentment grow?

Surely no contest! We all know which is best
So make the right decision and wisely leave the rest
To -call it what you wish- providence or fate
For the difference is literally that of love and hate

If through enslavement you made it stay
You would surely come to regret it one day
And you would be fooling only yourself
So remove that idea from your bottom shelf

The voice of experience should always be heard:
So you may decide to keep a little bird
In a diamond-studded golden cage
Do so, and you have set the stage
For a major passion play or a minor tragedy -
But seen from the audience, more like a comedy!

What if it preferred the forest and the field?
Only a mean soul would refuse to yield
To such a polite and reasonable request!
So how could you say NO and still sleep and rest?
Imagine for a moment this very simple test:
Even if you gave your bird a little nest
Made of gold leaf and silver thread, how would that compare
With the real thing out there in the fresh air
The dewdrops, the breeze, the sunshine and the rain?
Little by little, your bird would go insane...

And sometimes you need to make an educated guess
Of behalf of another living creature, to address
A certain situation before it gets out of hand
So listen to wisdom and try to understand
That what is best for it may not be what you want
But do it anyway or it may come back to haunt
You at a later time, when you least expect
Suddenly, the bill for years of neglect!

So open the door to the cage and to your heart
And it will return if it wants to be a part
Of your life today and maybe tomorrow too -
Deep down you know it is the right thing to do
And knowing you have done that will have its own reward
Even if the bird is gone forever from your yard...

And leave those doors wide open, or at least ajar
Wait and be patient, it may not roam too far
What a pleasant surprise if it does come back
If it does you know you chose the right track
And think of the sheer joy if it returns to stay -
If you truly love something you should let it get away!


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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