17 December 2009


- also known as UAVs, or Crusaders

Written mid December 2009 - (137 lines)

Dedicated to the heroes resisting The Last Crusade
using any means available - more power to them!


UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle,
also known as drone, but to many of us
it means Unlimited American Violence.
One US drone design is called the Predator.


On the eighteenth of June two thousand and four
The Great Satan opened the door
To Hell a little wider than before
When a drone attack killed seven more

The target? A fine and courageous young man
Called Nek Mohammed in Waziristan
Only twentynine when he was killed
Recklessly brave and naturally skilled
In the arts of combat, he had learnt the trade
And his fearsome reputation was made
Fighting alongside the Taliban
In neighbouring Afghanistan
His comrades in arms were proud to attest
That Nek Mohammed was simply the best


Those cowardly drone attacks
A barbaric policy which clearly lacks
Any basis in international law
Here, for the record, the fatal flaw:
Extrajudicial killings are a crime
Against humanity
, and the prime
Responsibility will come to rest
On the chief commander - you wish to test?

For every so-called terrorist
Killed this way a sickening list
Of men and women and children grows
When another Hellfire missile blows
Off their arms or legs or heads
Maybe murdered asleep in their beds
By the Judeo-Christian West
Whose behaviour fails any test
Of proportion, justice, necessity
It is an affront to humanity
And those who defend it must explain how!
A civilised world would stop it right NOW!

All resistance fighters, try
To blow those Predators out of the sky!

The War on Terror is not only obscene
It is self-defeating, as clearly seen
Whichever way you care to read
The tragic statistics of blood and greed
For the all-revealing bottom line
Is very easy to define:
For every victim of this war
Ten thousand will hate you even more

Is it making you safer? Not in the least!
More power to the heroes who fight the beast
Of Zionist-driven conflict everywhere
Rest assured that a measured share
Of the just retribution deservedly due
Will come, inshallah, to a place near you

Have faith, will travel, no job too small
Plans are in progress to visit you all
For time and numbers are on their side
So when and where are you going to hide?

Distance no problem, they will follow you home
Regardless what zig-zag trail you may roam
And the very moment they arrive in town
Will sniff you out and hunt you down

And it may happen sooner than you think
So do not go to sleep or even blink
For having ignored every warning sign
From brutally occupied Palestine
More than sixty wasted years
Do not complain when it appears
Right on your doorstep, but listen well
They will not bother to ring the bell
For they know it is the right place
They will not need to see your face
They know you are guilty and one of those
So will come to administer a suitable dose
Of the very medicine you prescribed
For them so long, and will not be bribed
However much you are able to pay
To abandon their mission and just go away

Take nothing for granted, do not assume
That you will be safe there, locked in your room
Condemned as a prisoner of your own past
Live every day as if the last
As indeed it may well be -
Do not expect any tears from me
If suddenly your past catches up with you
For what do you really expect them to do?

Are you sitting comfortably?
But why should YOU have that luxury
When every fundamental right
Has been denied those who fight
The very ideas your government
Imposes on them, as ever hell-bent
On re-engineering as it sees fit
The rest of the world, so carelessly lit
The fuse that promptly blew up in its face
The fire is spreading and gathering pace
Now suffer every consequence
Of your evil belligerence

This prediction may sound like a curse:
Before it gets better it will get worse
Until the day sweet revenge has been won
For justice must and will be done

May the bereaved and maimed all sue
Every single one of you
Murderers, killers, robbers, cheats
Mission accomplished when it defeats
The Last Crusade - so do not relax
For they will find you and stop you in your tracks

By any code of morals or law
Your only option is to withdraw
They will never give up the fight
For they know what they do is right

In the International Criminal Court
Thousands of battles wait to be fought
So drag them all off now to the Hague
Even if prospects of conviction are vague
And justice as ever may seem remote
Who knows, when the judges finally vote
The overwhelming evidence
Of war crimes may shatter any defence
Your lawyers constructed, and so may rule
The invasions and wars illegal and cruel
And order those countries to compensate
All victims of terror by the state
Individual perpetrators to be
Kept securely under lock and key


Predators go home while you still can
Leave Afghanistan and Pakistan
North and South Waziristan
To their rightful owners - no American
Will be welcome there for a thousand years
Ignore the advice and cry more bitter tears

And should you not like what the postman brings
Look in the mirror until a bell rings
No, not the door bell, somewhere in your mind
But you may hear nothing because you are blind

You Crusaders, arrogant like few
Firing poisoned arrows from the blue
Never forget that what they do
Is neither evil nor unfair nor new
But simply: "Your goods returned to you"


Copyright © 2009 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Yemen said...

it's completely true, the world has become like a forest, the the stronger beats the weaker,
this fake war on terror would not take place in the Muslim world if we as Muslims kept ourselves in the right way of Islam so in ,my opinion it's all our fault that we gave America the green light to attack us in so many ways which is the most important one is the misunderstanding of jihad ayyat in quran.

Anonymous said...

Subkhan-Allah Brother Ibrahim-Mal Allah-wa-Subkhan bless you and protect you-for your efforts to wakeup sleeping souls-
It is in the Islamic hostory that whenever Muslims went astray -forgetting true Islamic way of life, the evil has always arisen to punish - and that i believe is a blessing in disguise-Cos the evil forces when dominant and strong they do awaken Muslims to revert to Islam and realise why they are being victimised.Especially the global vicitmisation of all muslims and a big threat to Islam, is a wakeup call for all Muslim Umma not even in Afghanistan,Palestine,Kashmir,
Iraq and Iran but worldwide.
secondly the New World Order-regime thinks they would eradicate islam and kill all Muslims, which is their false imagination. All their brutal actions against Muslims will not weaken or destroy Islam rather will feed in the flames of true Islamic faith which all muslims need.
Whats given in the signs of end of times as per Quran and Hadith shall all happen. Muslims will be vicitimised and millions killed as they have lost the true path of Islam and to revert back thay all need whats being imposed upon them.
I pray from all my heart that May Allah wa-Subkhan help all muslims to unite and become a real umma full of true iman and passion to fight evils and evil-doers(Ameen).
Masjid-e-Aqsa is being destroyed by zionists as they need a temple for the appearence of their antichrist and it is going to happen.Imam Mehdi Alaiye-salam shall appear soon and then Muslims would wakeup and unite.
Islam shall prevail over all modern war-fare of the beast Insha-Allah.

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