30 December 2006


Updated: 20 April 2011
 Last updated: 28 December 2019

As the number of readers grows, I thought it would be helpful to
provide a brief practical User Guide - this is the initial version,
which is likely to be updated frequently in the weeks ahead,
one addition will be a suggested reading list for new readers.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will return again and
again, and over time read every single poem at least once.
I do not write for my personal glorification and, whether
you like what I have to say or not, I shall continue to do
my best for the Ummah (= Muslim nation), pursuing my
own personal Jihad (see poem no 025 This Is My Jihad).

There is a variety of subjects and there should be something
for everybody except Zionists, neo-Cons and neo-Crusaders,
although in truth they would do well to read them too!

I wrote the first 2 poems in 2005, nothing at all in 2006,
expecting or maybe hoping that my 500-line The AXIS of EVIL 

would be a one-off effort, the first and the last - but NO!
All the rest have been written since January 2007...

I officially became a Muslim in mid-November 2006 and
wonder if there is a direct connection between that and
my new-found creativity? I shall probably never know.
What matters is that I am able to write and there
seems to be no slowing down - al-hamdu-lillah.


Depending on the settings of your PC you may get
wraparound on the headers and footers,
or what is displayed might not fill the whole screen,
if so simply adjust the zoom setting to suit.


Poems are added as I write them, meaning that they are
listed in reverse chronological order, meaning latest come
last, or top, and oldest come first, or bottom, the oldest is
therefore no 001 on the Index, and the bigger the number,
the more recent the poem is.
Other than as an aid to location, the 3-digit
serial number has no special meaning.

The Index has a brief description after the title, telling you
what the poem is about, when it was written and how long it is.
As regards length, my poems vary tremendously,
from a mere 10 lines (no 007 Boycott Israel)
to a massive 810 lines (no 057 Which Holocaust?),
a size difference with factor 81.

To return to the Index you can always, wherever
you are, simply click on the big heading
at the top of each page.

At the end of each poem, after any reader's Comments,
you can also go back to the Index by using the Home button,
or go to the next or previous poem with the Newer Post or
Older Post buttons.


Any text in non-bold bright blue is a weblog system link,
and any text in bold bright blue is my link, also when
encountered within a poem, you can therefore click your
way straight to another and relevant poem, or in some
cases to my book ENOUGH! Islamophobia.
Over time as I write more and more, there will of course
be increasing scope and opportunity for doing this,
so more and more of my poems will be "knitted" together.
If you "click out" of one poem to another one you can
return to precisely where you called that poem from by
using the back button in your PCs browser.


Should you wish to read poems related to a certain subject,
you can use the Labels function. At the end of each poem
you will find the labels for that particular poem listed horizontally,
and further down on the left you will find a complete vertical
list of all the labels attached to all the poems on the site.
The Index also has this complete list of labels.



NOTE added 28 December 2019:
This section is no longer up-to-date. 
My domain name www.IBRAHEEM.dk will be phased out 
and my entire internet presence will be updated
when time permits to reflect my new domain name

You may have noticed that I refer to my poems website as
but when you visit the actual URL or web-address is
http://www.myspeak-poems.blogspot.com .
My websites are free weblogs from Blogger.com and
though you can choose a unique identifier you must also
accept the rest of the rather long and inelegant fixed address.
As MYSPEAK.info was my first domain name, I selected
myspeak-poems for this weblog. I have since changed my
domain name to www.IBRAHEEM.dk and have set up a
permanent redirection to my "old" MYSPEAK weblog,
and set up new sub-domains with short and meaningful
names to "point" to my poems and books weblogs
www.poems.ibraheem.dk and www.books.ibraheem.dk
respectively - it works just like redirecting telephone calls.


Your comments please!
Readers seem strangely reticent about commenting in public,
so send me private emails instead.
Any positive comment is of course appreciated but maybe
more of you would be kind enough to use the comment facility
provided for each poem and post.
Remember, you CAN comment anonymously.

Look at it this way: I have spent massive amounts of my time
and put my very best efforts into writing all this, and am making
my poems available to every English speaking person free of charge.
So, if you visit and read, maybe you would take the time required
to leave a comment here and there.
Positive or negative, that is of course entirely up to you!
I leave negative comments in and only delete any response
that is using seriously obscene language.

So, your comments invited!

Please note that by commenting you agree that any comment posted
may be used, in full or in part, for promotional purposes in connection
with any of my writings, regardless of the media:
website, printed book, whatever.

I would also welcome comments that are not content-related,
these are perhaps better sent in an email to
info@IBRAHEEM.dk which redirects to oehj13@yahoo.dk
(you can therefore use either, your message ends in the same place).

Such as:
- what would you like to see added in terms of options?

- is the presentation user-friendly enough?
I selected the soft colours and the large font to make it easier
on your eyes, encouraging you to stay longer and read more.

Should you wish to book me for an event ==>> BOOKINGS
For more about me ==>> ME 

For Copyright ==>> COPYRIGHT


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