4 December 2010

Sunni or Shia?

- oh no, not again!

Written late November 2010 - (76 lines)


"Are you Sunni or Shia?" asked someone
Oh no, not again! I thought
This time I felt something had to be done
For so far I have sought -

To defuse or evade that question somehow
But things are different today
And feeling brave, let me answer it now
To get it out of the way

Though neither a scholar nor a fool
I still have a point of view
And am not yet prevented by any rule
From sharing it with you:

We disobey our Prophet when
His Ummah still neglects
His call for cohesion and we then
Divide ourselves into sects

We are misguided and misled
When we still argue and fight
Amongst ourselves when instead
We should and must

Some have pointed far too long
To an "enemy" within
But closing ranks and staying strong
Is the only way to win

Some Sunnis argue forcefully
That Shias are a disgrace
For they behave heretically
So simply have no place -

In the great and green Islamic fold
Where the light of purity shines -
Have we not all read or been told
Something along those lines?

Are Shias not good Muslims then?
Do Sunnis really claim
That many of our women and men
Are Muslims only in name?

In disbelief we must report
That some most certainly do
How sad, but as a last resort
We hope that they are few

But they insist the difference
Is anything but small
And say that Shias are in essence
Not really Muslims at all

I have to tell you, I disagree
It simply is not fair
For all who in sincerity
Solemnly declare:

And go on to say
Give zakat, fast and pray -

Are Muslims beyond any doubt
And as good as you and me
So stop the back-biting, cut it out

Now, as for that opening question and
What kind of Muslim I am:
Sunni or Shia? Please understand
That I embraced Islam -

And not one group or another, so
I shun that whole debate
But it does exist and goes to show
What problems we can create...

Am I Sunni or Shia? My lips are sealed!
Are you sure you wish to know?
All right, let it finally be revealed
Listen, here we go:

Brothers and Sisters, honest to God
It makes no difference to me
So answer without any need for a prod:
I am a Muslim! - you see?

I hope that will be acceptable
To all except maybe a few
And now it is my turn to ask, so tell
Me please:
what are YOU?


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Ruqayya Nabeela Aldridge said...

Bravo, brother Ibraheem. My sentiments exactly, written in your unique way.

Ruqayya N. Aldridge

Anonymous said...

see that please

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykum

Love your poems ibraheem, 
But this one really sucks.
You go too far to make a point,
About those extreme f***s. 

You see, my friend, all jokes aside,
They really are quite bad.
Have you not read the history books,
Of their corruption on the land?

They will never be happy with us,
Until we pray like them,
I don't mean just the fiqh side,
It is their beliefs too, then. 

Unity has a blueprint,
For all of us to see.
And the foundation is aqeedah
That is our unity. 

Because the sunnah is complete,
We don't need hesitation,
All of their beliefs and that,
Are a lie and innovation. 

No doubt among them are some people,
Who do not really care,
Let's count them as brothers, ignorant,
I think that is quite fair. 

But, i do say, beware my friend,
Of taking news from them.
They will lie to you, call it taqiyyah,
and stab you in the end. 

If you really love Islam,
So perfect, pure and clean,
Then fight those who oppose the sunnah,
Until there is one deen. 

Otherwise, you will find no rest,
Of which this issue brings,
Islam has sects, let's not ignore,
Until the trumpet rings. 

So you will have to pick a side,
On which you clearly stand.
Follow the Quran and sunnah mate,
And your answer will be at hand. 

"there is a group" the prophet said,
Peace and blessings on him,
"they will fight till judgement day,
Steadfast on truth, thick or thin. "

So join that group, is my advice,
And do not compromise,
For the sake of "unity",
Which is doomed to vaporize. 

Jazakum Allah khair 

Ishmael said...

Assalamu alaykum brother, Today I was missing you a lot. I wanted to share a post with you but you are gone from facebook. I remember you telling me of leaving the modern world. I miss you brother and your analysis of Zionism. I read about a Danish poet Yahya Hassan with a Muslim background. I want to tell him about poets like you. He talks about reformation of ummah. He does not understand that western reformation led to secularization. While Sola Scriptura Salafi reformation is far more honest and anti-secular than that. I am working for Shia Sunni unity based on Quran against secularization so I loved your poem. May Allah unite us in Jannah.

ziane muhammad said...

alsalam ealaykum
I entered your site, but found this " Sunni or Shia? "
I learned that you do not know the religion of the Shiites well, nor about the history of the Shiites against Muslims, so let me send you a book that explains to you some of what came in the Shiite religion (and all this is from their books) as you will read in the references

Doctrines of the Twelver Shiite(Enquiry and Response)

ziane muhammad said...

Enquiry 155:What The Shi'ites Say About Sunni Muslims and those they call An-Nawasib and people generally? Response:

♦ 1) That they are unbelievers and impurities by consensus:
Their scholar said about a suni: (he is an impurity, and more evil than
a Jew, Christian, magi, and that he is a disbeliever, impure by consensus of scholars of Imamiya may Allah be pleased with them ➡ Al-anwar An-nu’maniya vol 2, pg 306.

- Even, An-naraaqee said: (more impure than dogs)➡Mustanad shia, An-naraaqee vol 14, pg163

- Al-khumainee said: (their impurity is supported by many issues which include: many narrations pointing to their disbleive…)➡ Kitab Tahara, Al-khumainee vol 2, pg 84

- he also said: (it is not permissible for a believing woman to marry a Nasib… so also it is not permissible for a believer to marry and Nasib woman and Galiya because they both disbelievers even if they are claim Islam)➡Tahrir Al-waseela vol 2, pg 260

- Al-khuthee said: (what is obvious is that a Nasib has the same ruling as an unbeliever even if he proclaims the Shahadatain and believes in the hereafter)➡ An-asb wa An-nawasib pg 609
♦ 2) they are considered Muslims in open but they unanimously agree that they are dwellers of the Hell fire.

3) It is not permissible to pray over them and their sacrifices are not
Their greatest Imam, Al-khumainee said: (it is obligatory to pray over
every Muslim even if he contradicts the truth base of the most authentic opinion, but it is not permissible to pray over a disbleiver of any kind even

One may say: why do we see some Shiites of the twelvers praying over the dead among the Sunis in the Prophet’s Mosque and the Mosque of Kaaba?
And the answer is: so that they can supplicate against them ➡ See: Furu’ Al-kafi vol 3, pg 122

Their scholar, Ibn Babawai Al-Kumee said: (if the dead is among those
who contradict us say in the fourth takbeer: O Allah disgrace this your
servant son of your servant, O Allah take him to your fire, O Allah give
a taste of your severe punishment and put him in fire, and fill him with
fire tighten his grave because he was an enemy of your friends and friend to your enemies, O Allah do not lighten his punishment and pour on him much punishment. When his body is lifted say: O Allah do not raise and purify him) ➡ Fiqh Ridha, Ibn Babawai pg 178
He also said

♦ 4) That they are children of hellfire:
Their scholar fabricated a narration from Abi Jafaar-may Allah be
pleased with him- that he said: (by Allah O Abu Hamza: all people are
children of prostitutes except our Shiite members) ➡ Ar-raudha min Al-kafee vol 8, pg 2109, Biharul Anwaar vol 24, pg 311, hadith 17

Al-ayaashee also narrated: (from Jafaar bin Muhammad that he said:
no child is born except that an Ibliss is present with him, if Allah knows that he is going to be among our Shiites then He veils him from that devil, but if he is not going to be among us then the devil places his finger in his posterior and hence he becomes a catamite.. if the child is female he places his finger in her virginal and she becomes a prostitute) ➡ Tafseer Al-ayashee vol 2, pg 234, hadith 73, Biharul Anwaar vol 4, pg 121, hadith 64

ziane muhammad said...

Enquiry 155:What The Shi'ites Say About Sunni Muslims and those they call An-Nawasib and people generally? Response:

♦ 5) That they are monkeys and pigs ➡ See: Biharul Anwaar vol 27, pg 30, hadith 2

♦ 6) It is obligatory to kill the Sunis:
They fabricated a narration from Ibn Farqad that he said: (I said to Abi
Abdillah: what do you say about killing of a Nasib? He said: his blood is permissible, but I fear for you, so if you can fall a wall on him or drawn him in water so that they won’t testify against you then do it) ➡ See: ‘ilall Asharaai’ vol 2, pg 584-585, Wasaail Sheeah vol 18, pg 568-569, Biharul Anwaar vol 27, pg 321

Their scholar, Yusuf Al-bahranee also said: (the obvious truth is that
thise who contradict us are disbelievers, polytheist and their wealth and blood are permissible)➡ See: Al-hadaaiq An-Nadhira vol10, pg 360

He also said: (in this case, what these narrations indicate and what those pious scholars clearly stated is that: if it is possible for one to kill anyone among them or take over their property without causing harm to himself or to anyone among his brothers then it is permissible for him to do so between him and Allah)➡ See: Ashihaab Athaaqib pg 266-67

Even they made it obligatory to kill birds because according to Shiites
creed it loves Sunis!
Al-jazairee said: (it was narrated that birds love so and so person who
is a sunni hence, it should be killed by every means and eaten)➡ See: Al-Anwaar An-Nu’maniya vol 2, pg 308

7) It is obligatory to steal wealth of the Sunnis:
They fabricated a narration that says: (take the wealth of Nasib anywhere you find it and give us one fifth of it)➡ See: Tahzeen Al-ahkaam vol 4, pg 849, hadith 7, Tafseer Al-burhan vol 3, pg 326, hadith 21, Wasaail Sheeah vol 12, pg 436-437

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