2 January 2011

Ireland Recolonised

- this time by international bankers

Written 1-2 January 2011 - (230 lines)

Dedicated to beautiful Ireland and its wonderful people


The ECB mentioned is the European Central Bank, a part of the EU.
GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product and is defined as the value
of all goods made in and services by a given country in a given year.


Ireland was not only colonised
But brutalised and terrorised
By England for so many years
That from a distance it appears
Those times were nothing but misery
For the captive locals unable to flee
The sheer greed and mismanagement
Of the mainly absentee government

The cold cruel colonial hand
Had cleared the locals from their own land
Now desperate for work they had to enlist
And slave for their masters to barely subsist

In the eighteen-forties the potato blight
Swept across Europe, a desolate sight
But what is important to understand
Disaster struck only in Ireland
Surely not a coincidence
For everywhere else, using common sense
It was managed without causing major harm
But in Ireland nobody raised the alarm

And while the Irish starved and died
Colonial mansions and stomachs relied
On Irish cattle and corn being shipped
To England as the locals were gripped
By malnutrition and disease
Young Queen Victoria did nothing to ease
The terrible plight, though well aware
Of the situation but she did not care
Instead left it heartlessly to rot
Like the potatoes - England forgot
All its responsibilities
Probably hoping the Irish would cease
To exist, so creating more space
For the British Imperial master race

One million perished and more than one
Million emigrated, forever gone

The ones who could afford the trip
Left Ireland on the next coffin ship
And money was not all they had to pay
For one in three died on the way
Fleeing the unbearable misery
Seeking any life across the sea:
The United States and Canada
The incredible distance to Australia
Scotland and detested England too
Anywhere but Ireland would have to do...

Ethnic cleansing and slow genocide
A lethal combination that time cannot hide
And England, the UK, Britain cannot blame
Anybody else: you have earned your shame

(If you think all this stopped with the British decline
It is happening today in Palestine...)


Many years later, at the end of twenty-ten
Disaster struck unsuspecting Ireland again:
The PM kept insisting, even as the squad
From the ECB boarded a plane abroad
For the flight to Dublin, that the nation did not need
Any help from anyone, not at all, indeed
Ireland was safe and sound in every way
Well funded and certainly able to pay
Well-managed with everything responsibly done -
Integrity and honesty anyone?

The money-men arrived and the rest is history:
Ireland is no longer sovereign territory

Mortgaged now for years to international banks
Done without machine guns, bombs and tanks
And probably without any apology -
Now we know the meaning of stealth technology...

It did not matter how much the PM squealed
For Ireland's fate was already signed and sealed
Having been debated and decided expertly
Of course behind closed doors top-secretly
And the stark truth is: all that did remain
Was to deliver the message - in the rain

Now some of the Irish banks are being sold
To foreign interests who improve their stranglehold
Others are nationalised and bailed out
Who will have to pay for this is not in any doubt
Calling all good Irish now: your country needs YOU!
Sorry, but there is a huge and urgent task to do
For you and your children, perhaps for ever more
And some still ask the question: what are citizens for?

Meanwhile, some faceless and nameless men
"More than two but fewer than ten"
Will go through the budget line by line
Approve or reject or maybe levy a fine

Unelected Euro-bureaucrats
Revoking what elected democrats
Had decided to implement on behalf
Of their own electorate - the golden calf
Lies shattered on the broken dance floor now
As the wild Irish reel turns into a row...

We do our best but cannot escape
The horrible suspicion taking shape:
Defeating free nations through the open back door -
Is that what the Euro was created for?


All those who wanted to get in on the act
Listened to a lie paraded as fact
Preached like a prophecy throughout the land
The message was easy to understand
Seductively packaged and the marketing slick:

"What YOU need to do to get rich quick
And salvage your declining credit rate
You simply must invest in real estate!

So your ensla.. enjoyment can begin
No down payment needed, just move in
Of course you can borrow one hundred percent
Much better to own than pay somebody rent
For the first thing you must realise
Property prices will continue to rise
Appreciated vastly when you choose to sell
Just think of the profit and all shall be well!
The fools decided to emigrate
Convinced that Ireland would always be late
But YOU, the smart ones, stayed and survived
Now reap the rewards for good times have arrived
Ireland has finally come alive
You will all be millionaires at thirty-five!"

Listen to this everybody: it transpired
That for example one county required
Six hundred new houses in order to keep pace
With the numbers of people moving to that place
So the prudent would build perhaps a few more
Say maybe an extra ten percent, or
Possibly up to twenty, to be on the safe side
So nobody who came to buy would be denied
But NO, they built three thousand instead
And do not comprehend why the market is dead...

Over-capacity is far too polite
Staggering short-sighted greed gets it right

In a EUphoric shopping spree
Many people bought two or three
Thinking the market could only expand
Incredibly failing to understand
Completely obsessed with their selfish task
One obvious question they forgot to ask:
Where would all the occupants be coming from?
Clearly the locals could fill only some
Of the many new dwellings being busily built
Yet most mortgaged themselves to the hilt

Whilst true that we all need somewhere to stay
Small wonder most are still empty today
As row upon row of new houses wait and wait
Welcome to another ghost estate...

For anyone needing additional proof
Real estate prices, once going through the roof
Are crashing and tumbling, going down-down-down
Throughout the country in city and town
In many places already reduced by half -
Maybe we should cry but we try not to laugh

The party is over, there are headaches all around
But no time to reflect if a solution can be found
For the bad news is: there is a massive bill
Many worry nervously if they ever will
Be able to get out of the terrible mess
Their greed got them into, will anyone address
Their problems at all, and if so: when and how?
My Jesus! Holy Mary! What do we do now?

Some wonder aloud if there is any cure
Or does God really want the Irish to stay poor?
And if He does was this a lesson from Him
To teach Irish Christians that their progress has been slim?
Must do better, the message seems to be
But how to recover? Rather you than me...

The game has come full circle and in cruel irony
Young men with degrees from university
Accepting that prospects at home are bleak
Now work in England during the week
On building sites in London, like their grandfathers before
To keep the financial wolves from the door
Not really knowing which way to turn
Enslaved once more - when will you ever learn?

Now, like Palestinians building for Israel
The enemy has succeeded and must be well
Pleased with himself so rubs his hands in glee:
You tried but failed miserably in your quest to be free!

In truth all for the benefit of Rothschild and his friends
In the City of London - is where it starts and ends


Severely disturbing the apparent peace
The first of the dominoes to drop was Greece
Next was Ireland, the Emerald Isle
Where sun-filled raindrops make leprechauns smile
And who do YOU think is next in the queue?
Well, even without a scientific review
And getting overly mathematical
The most likely candidate is Portugal
And if anything here can be called good news
Portugal may still just have time to choose
Between bondage and the devil it knows
Before the red alert alarm bell goes

Though it may not be crystal clear
We do see a pattern emerging here
For what is common to the above three
Is that they are all relatively
Small and with low populations, so are
Easier to rescue and bail out by far
Than any larger economy would be
A simple function of GDP

In the present cycle of busts and booms
A much bigger problem already looms
For balanced precariously between loss and gain
Please will you welcome sunny Spain

Ninth in the world, fifth in the EU
The Spanish economy is ready to do
Serious damage because of its size
Any major rescue plan would jeopardise
European integration as a whole
And Spain would probably not relish the role
Of starting a new and unpopular trend:
Forcing financial cohesion to end
Maybe bring down the Euro too
Conceivably even the entire EU...

EUphemistically speaking, it does not look good
If nothing else, that is generally understood

May this be a warning to all freedom loving souls
Revise, read: reduce, your material goals
Do not trust anything your politicians say
For when they are gone you will still have to pay
For all their easy promises and clever lies -
Deceiving the voter is an art that never dies


Ireland recolonised through monetary might
Hard-won independence abandoned without a fight
A nation taken over without a single shot
Is it all part of The New World Order plot?

Not exactly in clover but if we disregard
All the problems for a moment, if you look hard
Who knows you might just suddenly pluck
A four-leaf clover with a bit of luck
Should the leaves be tiny and fragile, call
On the luck of the Irish - you may well need it all...


Copyright © 2010 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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Ruqayya N. Aldridge said...

Another great poem from one so wise. There can be no wool pulled over these clear eyes.

May Allah bless you,

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