5 February 2011

The Power of the WORD

- leaves you speechless...

Written late January 2011 - (120 lines)


Printed, painted, carved in stone
Or as articulated sound
It has a magic all its own
That keeps recipients spellbound
Written, spoken, read or heard
The awesome power of the WORD

Consciousness and intellect
Leading to idea and thought
Mind and reason to select
Eventually something was taught
Brain to brain it was transferred
By the power of the WORD

More important than any tool
For without it, what would you do?
Basics can be learnt in school
But all the rest is up to you
Think of the cost to be incurred
If you miss the power of the WORD

Though screen and keyboard may replace
Pen and paper nowadays
The verbal Jihad that tyrants face
Still conforms to the ancient ways
As effective as any sword
Such is the power of the WORD

Now for anyone to succeed
There are requirements to fill
At a bare minimum you will need
Not only passion but talent and skill
Each component one vital third
Sums up the power of the WORD

Maybe entertaining for some
But flights of purest fantasy
Sadly increasingly have become
Almost a second reality
The surreal and the absurd
Waste the power of the WORD

Competing for some vacant slot
Many scream and rant and shout
Making clear that they do not
Have anything to talk about
Has it never yet occurred
To use the power of the WORD

Frequently blatantly abused
Deliberately misunderstood
Meanings twisted and confused
Yet it remains a force for good
Every matter should be referred
To the power of the WORD

Some are happy when engaged
In a silly semantic argument
One is likely to end up enraged
But do we care which way it went?
One was right, the other erred
Judged by the power of the WORD

Though clarity is by far the best
Means to convey what we think
Do not simply write off the rest
Even if done with invisible ink
The subtle, implied or inferred
Still holds the power of the WORD

The gift of language is unique
So when you use it be aware
Always think before you speak
Choosing every word with care
For what intentionally is blurred
Insults the power of the WORD

As your verbal confidence grows
Always try your very best
Persevere and who knows
You might influence the rest
The fight continues undeterred
Through the power of the WORD

The best example for us all
To follow is the poet's voice
The sincere insistent call
The carefully considered choice
Compared, selected and preferred
Reflects the power of the WORD

Drawing on some inner fund
Striving always to express
Thoughts with no effort shunned
Perfection is the aim, no less
Wisdom and beauty both conferred
By the power of the WORD

Not many persons may detect
Layers of meaning but one who goes
Out of his way to find and inspect
Advances as awareness grows
Not understood by the common herd
The hidden power of the WORD

Using the language of the heart
Men and women know what they feel
Growing together or drifting apart
To hide or reveal? Harm or heal?
Love and hate can both be stirred
By the power of the WORD

Loved ones buried in the past
Lost and gone, forever dead
Yet feelings and emotions last
We still remember what they said
Memories so long interred
Live by the power of the WORD

If you cannot make up your mind
Whether to say YES or NO
You will surely be left behind
When the rest get up and go
Any decision forever deferred
Rejects the power of the WORD

We all have a lot to learn
So go to it, no matter how
You know today will not return
So grasp the opportunity now
The quest for improvement will be spurred
By the power of the WORD

To calculate its benefits
Is surely quite impossible
Even if the collective wits
Of Man were pooled in order to tell
Those who tried in the end concurred:
Long live the power of the WORD


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

Mash'Allah ,beautiful dear brother Ibraheem , it's amazing .....a beautiful word could revive a person !
Hela Younes :)

Anonymous said...

amazing...nd wonderful

Abdullah Shirajee

Halimah Ceesay said...

It is best to comment right after reading the poem thereby giving your honest and clear response. The Power of the Word is a well written and thorough poem. It is the first I chose to read because I know that words do have power to destroy or save people. Now words would not have so much power if people decide to think and ponder. But since most of us do not develop such critical thinking skills, we are apt to be swept away by anyone who can sweep us off our feet by way of words. Shukran brother.

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