16 June 2011


- there must be a limit to hyper-inflation...

Written mid June 2011 - (210 lines)


Balloonatics is not a proper word but made up from
balloon + lunatics, and the reader will soon see why.


The balloon has reached its bursting point
Thanks to persistent strenuous joint
Efforts by those responsible
For design and manufacture, who managed to sell
It to an unsuspecting world
That cheered and clapped as the product unfurled
Admiring the fine translucent skin
It believed there must be real magic within

Apparently tethered but surely bound
To break away SOON from The Fairground
The eager customers fight to get near
To watch the ever-expanding sphere
Covered in gaudy designs (not to rouse
Any suspicions) look: Mickey Mouse
Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga
The White House, McDonalds, Coca Cola
Fox News and CNN
Pat Robertson and Benny Hinn
Playboy, Hollywood, MTV -
Something for everybody except me!

Driving limits to spectacular heights
Of pure folly and fantasy sights
Not even by the widest stretch
Of imagination can anyone fetch
It back to where it started from
Continuously new wonders come
Pumping day and night to test
Which deception works the best

Wake up NOW! It is a horrible trap!
Look right through all the plastic crap
And you can SEE there is nothing there
But empty promises and lots of hot air
Pushing the fragile envelope -
How long can the material cope?

Any day now the bubble might burst
When it does, remember: you read it here first!

And when The New World Order gang
Rips it with an almighty bang
Exposing the meaning of the term
Pop culture, too late to confirm
Or pretend that you knew all along
That every silly dance and song
Were just a superficial show
For then it will be time to go
To kneel before those taking charge
The shadows already looming large
Of The Pyromaniacs muttering spells
That every Goy must comply - or else...

A grim prospect - so what to do?
My free firm friendly advice to you:

Before the system eats you whole
Self-sufficiency should be the goal
And if you cannot reach that state
No need to panic but do not wait
Start right now to plan and prepare
How to protect your rightful share

Think of every contingency
From any man-made emergency
Like illegal barbaric wars
To settle artificial scores
Fabricated on packs of lies
And whenever another innocent dies
Moloch the monster will howl and laugh
But not for himself, no, on behalf
Of his successor YAHWEH, as clear
From The Law of Moses, but most will not hear -

To natural disasters of every kind
Examples are easy enough to find:
Volcanic eruptions and severe earthquakes
Destroying in seconds what it takes
Hard-working humans generations to build
Leaving behind the bereaved and killed
Or perhaps a tsunami or sudden flash flood
More an act of the Devil than God
Possibly triggered in mysterious ways
By the HAARP only Satan plays
Tunes of pure evil resonate
Unleashing dark powers that devastate
Reported to the world as natural
But quite likely truly diabolical

Open this door if you dare to delve
Deeper into Two Thousand and Twelve

Soundly asleep many still say:
"So what if something happens some day!
It might hit us but might as well miss!"
True, my friends, but consider this:
If it never happens - what have you lost?
Do nothing - and rue forever the cost!
But all the signs are that it will
Come to pass, only when is debated still...


Bankers are doing their best to hide
Facts that prove the current worldwide
Financial crisis is no accident
But caused by them and clearly meant
To speed up the day when they rule alone
And the following should be much better known:

September eleven, a familiar date
And that very day BUT two thousand and eight
Enormous movements of funds were seen
Suddenly, and strangely between
Nine and eleven local time
A carefully planned cyber crime
Eight hundred billion dollars left
The US economy - yet this was not theft
But in essence a brutal attempt to kill
Force the system to a standstill
Close the world's largest economy down
One hour to twelve in New York town
There were certain deadlines to meet
By those manipulating Wall Street
And somebody out to make a mint
Dropped a sinister cryptic hint...


You may think you have all you need
For a secure future, indeed
Many believe they have well in excess
But tomorrow we might all be penniless
If that is the day The Elders decide
Is the most likely to provide
The desired result as discussed and planned
Masterminded by them but manned
By traitors who work for the Zionist crook
They should all be brought to book
Not tomorrow but today RIGHT NOW
And we would love to show you how!

We are daily told that we
Should be grateful we are free
For democracy is a wonderful thing
And it will undoubtedly bring
Joy and bliss to those poor souls
Prevented from going to the polls
By nasty men who rule by force
Something the West would NEVER endorse
So tries to export the antidote
Hallelujah! One person one vote
And everybody will prosper then
With happy smiling faces again!

Whilst maybe true in principle
The story does not go down too well
For some of us are not easily fooled
So see the gulf between rulers and ruled
And the disconnect is just as great
Here in the West as in any state
Labelled an evil dictatorship
By slick politicians who always trip
Over themselves so not to waste
A moment in their unseemly haste
To please their unseen Masters who
Tell them what to say and do

Yes I know, of course we hold
Elections, but votes are bought and sold
Most succumb to the highest bid
Show me one who never did!
Admittedly, some do stay clean
But they are few and far between

And probe the results thoroughly:
Are all elected properly?
A certain American president
Who still today does not repent
Terrorised the world, spreading fears
Destruction and death for eight long years
Despite the fact that he did not win
The first election! Fraud, lies and spin!


On the day it matters most
Stay away from beach and coast...
Forcing the question: when will that be?
Do not expect the answer from me
For I do not know any better than you
But there are things we all can do:

Few survivors will be found
Anywhere inside The Fairground
So turn your back to that balloon
For it will surely disintegrate soon
And if you care about your face
Move away at a steady pace
Though this may not be a nuclear bomb
Prepare for a major surprise to come
Out of the blue and suddenly
So spend your time now usefully
Make a determined effort to rely
More on yourself and close friends, try
To take the best from "the good old days"
Ignoring most, but not all, modern ways
Make the first move to get to know
Your neighbours for one day might well show
That they are your first line of defense
As you are theirs - does it make sense?

In your own interest, avoid the banks
For the money machine that constantly cranks
Out more worthless paper bills
Works only for them, and the cause of most ills
Is not money itself but the men in control
Whose undeclared but obvious goal
Is to make slaves of everyone -
Stop playing their game and it cannot be done!
Overly simplistic? No, not at all
For without support anything will fall

Any more advice I can give to you?
Oh yes, listen: whatever you do
Do not expect anything from the state
For that could become a very long wait
Standing there hungry, holding out your hand
No, much better to go back to the land
And you shall harvest what you have sown
Yourself, when you learn to grow your own
Though maybe not entirely self-sufficient
At least no longer totally dependent
And that means your progress is already such
You may choose to keep working or can lean back and watch
From a safe distance the last few tricks
Of those arrogant belligerent Balloonatics


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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Ruqayya said...

This such a cleverly composed analysis of the status quo, with sound advice, too. You're on a roll again - keep it up!

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