13 June 2011

Kings and Queens

- welcome to the Royal Court

Written 8 June 2011 - (180 lines)


Kings and Queens
Your status means
Nothing at all
Soon you will fall
Never to rise
Expect your demise
Any day now
You try somehow
To appear sublime
To buy some time
But there is no doubt
It is running out

Show me the King
Who does anything
Except for his own
Clan that is grown
To perpetuate
What they perpetrate
In broad daylight
And during the night
To steal still more -
What are subjects for?

For those who reflect
How can we respect
No legitimacy
Or transparency!

No loyalty
For royalty!

Selectively bred
Without a shred
Of guilt or shame
More of the same
Keep the bloodline
Pure and fine
So no trait is lost
Whatever the cost
Preserve the genes
Fit only for Queens
So Royalty brings
More wonderful Kings

The circle of friends
Is closed and sends
Members to meet
With the elite
To maybe discuss
Whether all of us
Or just you and me
Must always agree
With everything they
Do, think and say
So kneel and bow
No matter how
But do not let
It worry you
For they are few

Senile or dim
Their every whim
Is carried out
Protest or shout
Is seldom heard
But mark my word:
Not just for some
Their time will come!

A Royal household
Has rivers of gold
That constantly flow
To finance the show
Of obscene wealth
Acquired by stealth
Now squandered in view
Of those they subdue

For every King
Is determined to cling
To the glorious throne
That he alone
May occupy
Until he does die
Population awed
By the grace of God

And every Queen
Wants to be seen
Compared with the rest
The brightest and best
So no effort spared
Costs never declared
She goes to the ball
To outshine them all

And every Prince
Makes us wince
Castles and yachts
Frequent snapshots
With silly film stars
Race horses and cars
So brazen and bold
Yet charms young and old

And every Princess
Who spends in excess
Per day what we earn
In a lifetime, will turn
To the state to fund
Her next diamond
Or a wedding gown
By some fashion clown

What they give in return
Should be our concern!

If that is the case
Then you must raise
Your hand and voice
Demand the choice
To keep them or not
And if you forgot
That they should serve you
In most things they do
Not the other way round
Then we have found
You wanting in wit
And indeed unfit
To participate
In the further debate

Not speaking for you
But in my view
Most Royals today
Should just go away
Willingly now
Before somehow
They are washed aside
By the rising tide
Of awareness we must
Not only adjust
And rearrange
But radically change
The world to respond
To pressures beyond
The nation state
To compensate
For the power and greed
Of the rulers - indeed
Unwanted, unloved
They may be shoved
To one side soon
No longer immune
Or glorified
They might be tried
For murder and theft
Exit stage left

But come what may
They will try to stay
Quoting the past
Fight to the last
Prince in the clan
As long as they can
For Monarchy
And obstinacy
As proven by time
Do more than just rhyme

When asked to appear
With luck this year
In a Royal court
Of a different sort
Will they refuse
Offer any excuse
Plead poverty
Or insanity
Or immunity
Or divinity?

You never know
What might happen, so
Be resolute
Help prosecute
The looting few
Who stole from you
All that you had
Now your turn to add
But let us be fair
Now, will you be there
When the court convenes
For Kings and Queens?


Copyright © 2011 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved


Ruqayya said...

Wow, you've done it again, Ibraheem!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Ibraheem sahib!

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