6 February 2012


- or alien?

Written mid January 2012 - (390 lines)


This poem about Rael (Claude Vorilhon) and his
International Raelian Movement does not pretend
to be a full and complete examination of the subject.

Currently numbering only around 60,000 adherents
worldwide, there seems to be no imminent risk of
them taking over... So why write this?
Read on and the question will be answered.


Or alien?
Perhaps a new reptilian strain?
No - he is French and very plain!

Get real!
Your book Intelligent Design
Reads like a mixture of Frankenstein
Science fiction plus the odd fact
Erich von Daeniken almost intact
L R Hubbard and Scientology
Weird and wonderful technology
Hippie songs of free love and peace -
Yes, a combination of all these

Yet cold as ice and clinical
Belligerent and cynical
Materialistic and entirely
Unfit for the human family!

You have been able to persuade some
But we know where you are coming from
For a signature is leaking through:
The New World Order recruited you!


Or one more believer?
In December nineteen seventythree
Space tourist Yahweh dropped in to see
Whether he now had found the right man
To entrust with the best part of his plan -
Now it is early two thousand and twelve, so
That was a full thirtyseven years ago

Despite his messenger still being around
And with all the media technology found
At his disposal during all these years
It should give Yahweh serious fears
That only sixty thousand so far
Have chosen to follow Rael - we are
Therefore entitled to coldly state
That with so few adherents to this date
Whilst he is doing much better than
A certain Jesus, there is another man
Whose followers increased steadily
From a single member of his family
To many millions in about the same
Number of years - Muhammad is his name


Or selective?
Yahweh claims to have been alive
For a staggering TWENTY-FIVE
THOUSAND YEARS, so vastly ahead
Of anyone who will soon be dead
In learning and knowledge of all kinds -
How then can it be that the reader finds
No mention of the hero Gilgamesh
Though he was also God made flesh
So emerged presumably
From the same laboratory?
Nor from another exciting age
Enoch, that most amazing sage?
But Yahweh must have known them both well -
This simply is not credible!

Is his memory poor because he is so old
Or does he for some reason choose to withhold?
For Yahweh seems strangely ill informed
And while in principle we could have warmed
To the whole concept of this tale
Rael's efforts are now likely to fail...


Or pack of lies?
Yahweh himself decides to give
Rael a tour of the planet where they live
So he is taken for a quick spin
And all the old prophets kindly drop in
To share a picnic with their new friend
Sounds a pleasant enough way to spend
A sunny afternoon on Planet X
And who would turn down the chance to mix
With all the brightest and the best:
Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and the rest


Or illusion?
Rael, quoting Yahweh, makes the claim
That his and the father of Jesus is the same!
They are therefore brothers, naturally
We do find it hard to take this factually -
And who is their father? Yahweh of course!
The reader is free to reject or endorse
This startling information, long concealed
But now, thanks to Rael, finally revealed

Must he be wrong? Could he be right?
May such questions keep you awake tonight!
While I intend to soundly sleep as usual
Or? - I do wonder now if indeed I shall
For an innocent question just came through:
Did Yahweh father all the other prophets, too?


Or cataclysmic?
That choice is entirely ours, so say
Those humanoids who came all the way
From Yahweh-knows-where to our place
Creating life and the human race
Once more just for our benefit
Now, will we make sensible use of it:
Their knowledge and technology?
If not they deserve an apology!

Though still far short of their genius
We are clever enough to be dangerous
To the degree that the Elohim swear:
Observe from a distance and approach with care...


Or diabolical?
According to Yahweh's messages
We are biochemical entities
Of course very complex but nothing more
No God exists to worship and adore
No soul within and no loss without
So really nothing to worry about
We are born, we live, and then we die
And anything else is simply a lie
Told by romantics - so, that is it
And all living creatures perfectly fit
This cyclic pattern of creation to decay
And it carries on for ever - that is the way

Really Yahweh? Bad news for you:
YOU may not have a soul but I do!

Maybe Satan had a say in your design?
That might explain the hereditary line
Passing on the bad from father to son
Making good people sad for the wrongs that are done
Not in our name but certainly in yours -
Do you know of anything that permanently cures?


Or meritocracy?
Yahweh wants our democracy
Replaced with geniocracy
For that is the only way to make sure
That human matters are settled by pure
Intelligence and nothing but
Therefore "normal" minds must be cut
Out of the decision making process -
All will be tested and if you score less
Than ten percent above the norm
Then there will be no voting form
For you, meaning you will not be heard!
Bad enough - but even more absurd:
To stand for public office your score
Must be fifty percent above, or more

"Selective democracy" this system is called -
We hope all readers will be just as appalled
As the writer was when finding out
What this cruel system is really about

To Rael and Yahweh intelligence rules
But can they not see that such clever fools
Are precisely the people who destroy
Our beautiful planet, as they employ
Their oh-so-rational faculties
Tearing down what took centuries
To think of, design, develop and construct?
Let intellect rule and we soon self-destruct!

WISDOM is what we desperately need
But that is not part of this unholy creed
Allegedly invented somewhere in space
By some far superior race
To primitive humanity
Whom they admit they in vanity
Manufactured here on Earth
As an experiment hopefully worth
All the efforts of the Elohim
And their scientific scheme

But why did they choose to make precisely us?
Did they have a very special coin to toss?
No, they looked in the mirror with the firm
Resolve to succeed and though the term
"In their own image" is still preferred
Anthropomorphic is the word


From Buddhism
To nudism?
Parading in the birthday suit
Many a new oriental recruit
Is seen limbering up on the grass
For a sensual meditation class
Where orientation is not a point
On the agenda but practising joint
Sessions in sexuality
Advocating plurality
Swopping partners along the way
Why not a new one every day?
Mix and match to your heart's content
Is the essence of the message sent

For re-organising society
Starts with mocking the family
Undermine it and ridicule
Until only a certified fool
Would willingly live such an "old-fashioned" way
But choose the "permissive" ones of today
Tempt, seduce and "liberate"
Until, conveniently, the state
Can step in "to improve everything"
Just think of the happiness it will bring
FREEDOM to do what comes naturally
Most of all of course sexually
Diverting attention from what really goes on
Behind the backs of everyone


Or revolution?
The first is the official line
But we do see the occasional sign
That because the second might speed up
The whole undertaking, they would not stop
Support for an uprising pursuing their aims
Despite that the Guide of Guides now claims
That gentle persuasion is the only way to go
When power is attainable, you just never know
For good ones have gone bad and the bad gone even worse -
How many times have we experienced that old curse?
It takes a true prophet to pass that test -
Would Rael not simply go the way of all the rest?


Is it just Rael
Or IsRael?
Listen to this self-declared Guide
Of all humanity, and what could hide
Behind the nonsense just might let us see
What the plans are for you and me

According to Yahweh and the Elohim
Their hard-working bio-engineering team
Brought concepts to Earth from some other place
Like human cloning and the Master Race
Results were mixed but the Jews were the best
So later naturally passed every test
And of course were selected to represent
Yahweh on Earth, so we proudly present:
The Chosen People - Hallelujaaaaaaah!
Our only comment is: HA-HA-HA!

And trying to reinforce this bad news
Yahweh claims these superior Jews
Are the direct descendants of the Elohim
So should be in charge of the mere Goyim

But we have seen all this before:
Judaism through the back door
New masks with the same old intent
Of a Jewish world government
So listen everybody: DO NOT BE FOOLED!
Steadfastly refuse attempts to be ruled
By anyone suspected of the slightest link
To those human monsters whose favourite drink
Is crushed hopes in a glass then filled
With the blood of babies ritually killed


Any empathy
For an embassy?
If so, please do give generously
That YOU may live eternally
Whenever the Elohim may choose
To come back here to examine the Jews
Plus all the rest of us as well -
And they would like it built in Israel

Drawings are ready, a scale model, too
So why are they waiting with so much to do?

Money is not the problem, Rael says
What accounts for the many delays
In building the embassy on the ground
Is that no country so far can be found
Willing to grant such fantasy flights
The extra-territorial rights
Demanded by the head of the sect
For the boss to come down to Earth to inspect

So, getting permission to build is hard
"Not right here in our backyard..."
Seems to be the standard reply
Meanwhile, they are waiting in the sky...

Rael has approached Israel
Many times but it has still
Not (officially!) shown any interest
For some reason that it knows best...

Though Jerusalem was the prime
Location for the project, time
So Yahweh says, is running out
And there may now be some real doubt -
If Israel still prevaricates
One of the neighbouring Arab states
Will get the honour of the embassy
From when it is built to eternity!

AND Israel will be destroyed once more
(He-he! Ha-ha! Ho-ho! HAW! HAW!)
And the Jews dispersed to the ends of the Earth -
All that is what landing rights are worth
To Yahweh and his intrepid crew
So now is decision time for the Jew...

Those threats, you would have thought, should make
Israel suddenly wide awake...

But arrogance is without end
And stubbornness will never bend
To logic, reason, common sense -
The implications are immense
For according to Yahweh's earlier clues
Do you remember - who are the Jews?
Can you recall or must you guess?
Yahweh's direct descendants - YES?

So a family feud is looming here!
We all would be wise to stay well clear
As father punishes wayward son
Hopefully it will be thoroughly done!
But will America as usual
Rush to the aid of little Israel
To take on Yahweh and let loose
World War Three to save the Jews?
Always eager to destroy and kill
The sad answer is: it probably will...

We hasten to add unreservedly:
Pure speculation, fortunately!


Or a legion?
Rael claims it is an atheist
Religion - now, what a novel twist!
Must do better, please try again!
For ALL religion known to men
Since time immemorial
Is and remains spiritual
And that is completely lacking here
Therefore it is no religion - oh dear!
But that is not our problem at all
Still, Rael should rename his stall
At the earliest opportunity
Then inform his little community


Still hope
For the Pope?
As others may have realised
We too are mightily surprised
That Yahweh still, so far from home
Rants about "usurping Rome"
The Catholic Church is his pet hate
It takes a special mental state
To keep it up so consistently -
It sounds like simple jealousy

But as they say, each to his own
And when the Elohim have flown
Maybe never to return
We all might awake to learn
The Pope has not gone anywhere
But still rocks in Peter's chair


Another spoof
Without any proof?
Reports of contacts are nothing new
But how can we know they are really true?
Why did those who came and went
Never in a single case present
An extra-terrestrial artefact
As physical evidence of a pact
Between Man and his engineer?
That way the issue would be clear
For anyone to see and touch -
Rael, like the others, is asking too much!


Or Profit?
Rael assures us the Elohim
Will return the moment they deem
That we are clever enough to be
Taken just reasonably seriously
By the ones who created us -
If they never come back, that is our loss

But he can predict the future, you bet
So confidently has bravely set
His credibility a deadline
(And if nothing happens, will he resign?):
Not later than twenty-thirtyfive
And may we all still be alive
To witness the ultimate non-event
For which his disciples worldwide spent
Their money, time and energy
To enter the book of history
To be re-written of course by Rael -
And how many copies would it sell?


Or realism?
Is Rael only out to deceive?
It really is difficult to believe
Just half of what he has to say -
Who knows, his amazing story may
Still have a nasty sting in the tail:
Possibly Rael has gone off the rail...

Yahweh knows the answer well
So watch this space and time will tell!

You may observe this Guide of Guides
To see what he does, or does not, or decides
Where in the world he next might go
But will I follow? In one word: NO!

(Some countries will no longer let him in
And soon his options may be so thin
That the obvious choice, or so it would seem
Is a one-way trip with the Elohim!)


Copyright © 2012 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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