26 March 2013

The Brights

- or so they think...

Written mid March 2013 - (276 lines)


The Brights is the appropriately arrogant name chosen
by a group of intellectuals for their online community
which promotes a naturalistic atheist worldview.


We are The BRIGHTS
The leading lights
Of humanity
Pure sanity
Is our guide
And the whole wide
World shall see
How lucid we
In reality are
We have come far
But surely will
Go further still
We pass every test
The brightest and best!

Our goal is sincere
We wish to be clear
There is no time to waste
So act with all haste
As we light the spark
To banish the dark
Superstitions NOW -
We will show you how

Our aim is to save
You from all the grave
Nonsense you trust
You really MUST
Listen to us
There will be no loss
But only gain -
Do we lecture in vain?

Because we present
Every argument
And clinically
You ought to accept
That we are adept
And you are NOT -
You follow the plot?

A BRIGHT only acts
On provable facts
For we represent
The intelligent
The rational
The natural

Idea and thought
Can both be brought
Under control
To serve the goal
Of knowing more
And look at the score
It is higher now
Than yesterday! Wow!
Another gold star!
How clever we are!

In every gene
We possess a keen
That allows us to sense
And see that all
We generally call
Probably shall
Before very long
Be proven wrong

With open eyes
We realise
The spirit does not
Exist - and so what?
We only respect
The intellect
The rest is not there
So why should we care?

It saddens us much
That YOU need a crutch
To remain upright
What a pitiful sight
Why not walk the street
On your own two feet
As WE proudly do?
Over to YOU!

It is time to face
Reject and replace
Established beliefs
As sold by the thieves
Who persuade
Good people to trade
Their common sense
To experience
Old fairy tales
Recited by males
Taking over the mind
Resulting in blind
And reverence

For we have found
It is all unsound
And the following call
Addresses you all:
You religious
Are ridiculous!

Regardless of brand
You must understand
Religion is OUT
And if you doubt
That we are right
Then you just might
As well stop here
And save your ear
But listen well
And we will tell
You everything
Needed to bring
Your weak mind back
On a sensible track

We loathe and detest
What YOU love best
And whatever we hate
We illuminate
Superstitions first
For they are the worst
Of all that is wrong
So WE came along
To educate YOU
There is much to do
For you are so dim
You believe in HIM
By various names
And silly games
Like rituals
With incense and bells
And sacrifice -
Now, our advice
Is simply drop
It all and stop
To think for a while
It is infantile
And all in vain
As we will explain

When the time is right
Someone who is BRIGHT
Will come to teach
With book and speech
To make you learn
It is time to turn
Away from GOD
And soon you will nod
Like us you will see
How dangerous
And preposterous
The whole thing is
For the point is this:

After thinking a lot
Although we do not
Have absolute proof
That God is a spoof -

(At least not yet
But never forget
We learn all the time
For that is the prime
Mover behind
Every BRIGHT mind)

But what we can say
To your dismay:

Does GOD exist? NO!
And how do we know?
Logic does show
That it must be so!

Therefore we can tell
No Heaven, no Hell

No angels above
To bring peace and love

No Devil below
Or infernal glow

No Satan is near
So nothing to fear

No original sin
That is just ancient spin

No punishment
So why repent?

No God made flesh
So start afresh

No life after death
Do NOT hold your breath!

No Paradise
It is lies, all lies!

And OF COURSE no soul!
YOU are in control
So wake up and see
Your world set free

Those worn-out schemes
And romantic dreams
In reality
Are pure fantasy
Outdated so long
Now join our throng
Of thinking men -
Start living again!

You solemnly say
It is good to pray!
Do we laugh or cry?
Come on now, apply
One thought, maybe two
Then accept as true
It is nothing but prattle
And tittle-tattle!

Give us a break
For Heaven's sake!
(We love to poke
Fun and joke)

To convince us you need
Good fortune indeed
But listen, take heed
You will never succeed!

We raised our voice
Now make your choice
And it is stark
Will you embark
Before we grow hoarse
On a better course
To prove you are bold
Or stick with the old?

Oh by the way
We forgot to say:
Forget all the rest
For WE know best

And something else
A BRIGHT always tells
Everything straight
So why do you wait?

We now part ways
But just in case
You missed the point
WE are the joint
Brains of mankind
That only the blind
And deaf would ignore
The average score
An amazing IQ
Bad news for you
Sub-humans and apes
Nobody escapes
The truth that WE
Are high above
All those who love
Legend and myth -
And we leave you with:

Morons, despair
You cannot compare
Yourselves with US
When we come across
Wretches like you
We know what to do
We shall ignore
You for ever more
For hardly worth
A life on this earth
We shall make sure
That those with pure
Reason alone
Shall set the tone
For further debate -
Should that irritate
You, so be it
Useless half-wit!

For those who excel
Must work to expel
The darkness still found
Sadly all around

With much to be done
We now must move on
To continue the fight
Come on every BRIGHT!


Copyright © 2013 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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