12 February 2015

Arabian Nights

- may they soon come to an end!

Written early February 2015 - (178 lines)


Darkness descended on Arabia
When the Wahhab and Saud utopia
Became a tragic reality -
Weep now for every fatality...


Muhammad al-Wahhab and Muhammad al-Saud
Wrapped Arabia in a shroud
Of backwardness and barbarity
In the middle of the eighteenth century

Wahhab, expelled from neighbouring Najd
For extremism
, quickly tried
His luck with a local tribal chief
By the name of Saud, and to his relief
Was instantly made welcome there
Soon they realised they did share
In mutual megalomania
A vision of a new Arabia
Where Islam would be purified
And Wahhab and Saud glorified
In a show designed to overwhelm
As true defenders of faith and realm

As their lust for power did increase
They conquered the land piece by piece
And to prove that they were cruel
Then installed themselves to rule

Sauds as kings over human affairs
Crushing any challenge to theirs

Wahhabs granted control of Islam
To determine for ever halal and haram
[good and bad]

The people brutally cowed and chained
And regrettably so it has remained
Until this day, and with little hope
That the current system has any scope
For improvements in fields like human rights
For in Arabia the flickering lights
Were all extinguished, so no longer glow
Almost three hundred years ago
When that infamous pact was agreed
Between al-Saud and al-Wahhab, indeed
It is no exaggeration to say
That those two between them did betray
The people of the peninsula
Now enslaved in "Saudi" Arabia
For all are held in an iron grip
By a despicable dictatorship

And each new "king" will swiftly endorse
That pact which sadly is still in force
The Wahhabi chief will cackle and nod
And proclaim that only HE understands God

Though it may look like a comedy
This unmitigated tragedy
Of epic proportions continues to play
To a full house, night and day

And who wrote that medieval plot?
Saud and Wahhab, just in case you forgot

Ridiculous and presumptuous "kings"
Addicted to material things
Allied with fat little sinister sheikhs
Hiding behind dark glasses - it makes
You want to laugh, but we should cry
For this is sadder than sad, so try
To comprehend what is going on
And consider what can be done...

Surely that combination would win
Any competition for the twin
Subjects of tragic and comical -
A melodrama to beat them all...

But, looking behind the theatrical mask
This is the first question to ask:

Why are they taken so seriously
By so many, both locally
And around the world? Simply because
They have their dirty evil claws
On the holiest places of Islam -
If not, who would give a damn
About Sauds and Wahhabis? Very few!
But there they are, so able to spew
Their repetitive meaningless blah-blah-blah
From occupied Makkah and Madinah
And all good Muslims must surely despair
For Islam itself is held hostage there...

Listen to the Friday sermon and
Soon you begin to understand
That while they do know how to preach
They have nothing useful to teach
For what this is really all about
Is POWER - the assembled devout
Plus millions around the globe who watch
Are all reminded again with much
Seriousness and emphasis 
NOT to oppose the Wahhabis
Nor in any way to criticise
Those who solemnly exercise
Their God-given right to rule
(And who exactly are you trying to fool?)

And without fail they will repeat
That rulers and ruled must together defeat
Terrorism - and the faithful must purge
Their hearts and minds of that terrible scourge!

(But of course when THEY are responsible
Then it is not at all terrible:
Count the dead and maimed, if you can
From Bahrain to Syria to Pakistan
Of good people brutally blown to bits -
You two-faced lying hypocrites!)

And do refrain from anything
Which just might conceivably bring
About any substantial change
For should that happen, a whole wide range
Of issues would immediately show
Dealing perhaps the fatal blow
To that illegitimate monstrous pair
The Sauds and Wahhabis, who share
A hysterical fear of anything new
So cling to their stunted worldview
Unwilling and unable to pursue
Reforms that they know are long overdue

Therefore, naturally any kind
Of independently thinking mind
Is identified as a major threat
To the system, so is swiftly met
With the full force of the state
Which arrogantly will dictate
What is right and what is wrong
And everyone must go along
With whatever is laid down
By the leading Wahhabi clown

Their thought-police tries to control
All aspects of life, including your soul

And if you dare step out of line
Most likely more than just a fine
Awaits you when in custody
For be sure that nobody
Cares about your human rights -
Welcome to Arabian Nights!


In the modern world, how can this be?
Do Arabians not deserve to be free?
Of course they do, and we must do all
We can to liberate every thrall
Trapped in Arabia right now -
The only question really is: HOW?

Do not expect that America
Will do anything for Arabia
For the status quo fits in so well
With the plan dictated by Israel

And the US is driven only by greed
Khomeini was right: Great Satan - indeed!

The solution? Can you not guess?
REVOLUTION! Nothing less!
And not tomorrow, no, yesterday!
And I, for one, shall wish and pray

And now for a moment consider this:
If not for those Sauds and Wahhabis
Arabia today would probably be
A civilised nation, with equality
For all citizens, freedom of choice
And no restrictions on raising your voice

Currently, Arabia is truly the pits
Jointly misruled by fanatics and twits...

Listen, we saved the best for last:
In stark and glaring contrast
Iran's leadership will bless
Promote and encourage progress
So advances daily in technology
Still fully respecting theology

And while Iran is forging ahead
Sauds and Wahhabis live in dread
Of any change, so like walking dead
Go on stumbling backwards instead...


And as we admire the Crescent Moon
Inshallah, we fervently hope that soon
At last the long Arabian night
Will turn to dawn and then morning light!


Copyright © 2015 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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