1 October 2014

Christian Zionists

- are a special breed

Written late September 2014 - (242 lines)


You Christian Zionists are indeed
A special and problematic breed
Insisting that military might
Is simply expressing a God-given right
Which must be supported by one and all
So long as the next barbaric brawl
Serves the savage purpose well:
To implement Greater Israel

Your sacred book is demonstrably
Frequently self-contradictory
And not just on trivial matters, no
Also on fundamentals, so
Only the recklessly gullible
Could believe it is the infallible
Literal word of the living God
Or that of his so-called Son who trod
This earth like other mortals do
Just one more megalomanic Jew
A highly dangerous demagogue
Who chose arrogant monologue
Instead of civilised dialogue
And preached it from Satan's synagogue

Your holy book is a terrible mess
But, thank God, it did go to press
And anybody who wants to can see
And check all the facts pointed out by me
Now do the right thing, open your eyes
And soon you, too, will realise
That to call it divine is untenable -
Accept that it is unreliable
Corrupted beyond belief and repair
Christian Zionists, weep and despair!

All the time the critic took
Reviewing your fatally flawed book
In a sincere attempt to show
How much you believe and how little you know
And why you should be ashamed and appalled
Resulted in a fine effort called
ENOUGH! Islamophobia
And, just for you, Hallelujah
You can download it here, yes, it is free
A gift to the whole wide world from me
To every soul in humanity
My contribution to sanity

Read it and some may see the light
Reluctantly agree I am right
But YOU will continue as before
Clinging to the book you adore
Spellbound as if deep in a trance
Where not only angels but devils dance
Eagerly savouring chapter and verse
Praising the Saviour as you curse
Anyone daring to reject HIM
Though prospects of success are dim
You absorb it all, page after page
Believing it written by God, not a sage
Fervently hoping you soon can wage
The next war for Israel to enrage
Muslims around the world still more
Than all provocations tried before
Rewarding you then with Heaven's door -
What are the Holy Gospels for?

A very good question! - But anyhow
Ever helpful we tell you now
Your incoherent pack of lies
Paraded in a poor disguise
As the guide book for the wise
Will never lead you to Paradise!

Those whose mission it is to deceive
Are using all means to make us believe
That the second coming is close at hand
And THEIR one-way trip to the Holy Land
Is about to begin, and soon they will feast
Seated a safe distance from the Beast
With the Messiah, or at the least
Closer than others to the High Priest

Somewhere in eternal Jerusalem
At a banquet prepared just for THEM
Enraptured, as mere mortals roast
In Hell, THEY shall raise a toast
Of the innocent blood that they love most
To the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

Most would find it unthinkable
That blood could indeed be drinkable
But rather than stop and fear a curse
These folks do what is even worse

Revulsion would wake any normal head
But not here, no, not at all, instead
The flesh of the "resurrected" dead
Miraculously becomes Heaven's bread
Prayers providing the special spice 
And this evidence will surely suffice
All guilty of the ultimate vice
Eating a human sacrifice!

Mad men and women eagerly chew
The corpse of that ancient hapless Jew
Today a bland cookie substitute
Contains his every attribute
Or so at least every Christian thinks
The whole perverse performance stinks
All the way to high Heaven above
Forget what they preach about peace and love
For it is nothing but downright lies
In truth only when somebody dies
Do those terrible monsters thrive
Nourished by death they come alive
Feeding on human blood and flesh
Needing both to start afresh

What a strange way to behave
But that is what they truly crave
And nothing they do from now on can stave
Off their eternally haunted grave

Loathsome and indescribably foul
Small wonder devils cheer and howl

Suitable only for Halloween!
Why does nobody between
The Pope and lay people intervene?
Could anything be more obscene?

Cannibalism! How horrible!
Revolting and abominable!
To them not only desirable
But absolutely essential
As well as deeply spiritual...
NO, it is diabolical
And such a Satanic ritual
Truly belongs in Israel!

MOLOCH lives! Hip-hip hooray!
Still leading a beautiful world astray
But we will defeat you, come what may
So listen to what we have to say:

You who worship the Goddess of War
Clients of that hideous whore
Of Zion (not of Babylon!)
Go home, yes, right back to square one
Stay there to repent all that you have done -
And the war you pursue will NEVER be won!

A new Dark Age for nothing has changed
You Christian Zionists are deranged
Unmasked we see what you really are
The worst of humanity by far!
Clearly the most fanatical
Obsessed and ultra radical
Extremists and fundamentalists
Are YOU, the Christian Zionists!


One innocent question before we go
If YOU have the answer please let us know
For we are more than a little vexed
Indeed we are seriously perplexed
And after many sleepless nights
Considering the wrongs and rights
Decided to get it off our chest
For this matter must be laid to rest

We simply cannot comprehend
Why ANY Christian would defend
Or fund, support, sustain, protect
Or use their time or intellect
In any way to help the Jews
Or have you forgotten the big Bad News
That they brought YOU all those years ago?
May this now disturb your smug warm glow

When the crowd as with one voice
Decided on the offered choice
Namely: Jesus or Barabbas
The instant answer came back thus:
"Give us Jesus!" - do YOU now see
Despite your ridiculous ecstasy
That without even pausing for breath
The Jews condemned YOUR Prophet to death...

The game is up, and this is how
We really and truly have got you now:

However fervently you pray
You cannot wish those verses away
For they have stood the test of time
And nothing will ever erase the crime
The Jews committed there and then -
And YOU are still willing to help them again?

The tragic answer: YES YOU ARE
You follow with hope the sinister Star
Of David like sheep no matter how far
Strange indeed, no, absurd and bizarre

Nothing THEY do shall fully atone
The guilt is theirs and theirs alone
For "The Chosen Ones" rejected Him
As the Messiah, yet chances are slim
Although the Jews were caught in the act
That you Christian Zionists will react
Appropriately, for we see the fact
That your fantasy remains intact

To bring you out of your rosy dream
And hopefully silence the foul stream
Of unholy words as you blaspheme:
Nothing YOU do will EVER redeem
The part you knowingly play in the team
Promoting Zion's evil scheme
That ancient megalomanic theme
Grotesque and offensive in the extreme
Now known as The New World Order regime
Where Yahweh's darlings shall rule supreme

But you will continue your silly song:
"Israel is NEVER wrong"
OH YES IT IS! The list is long
The proofs are many and sound and strong

And nothing and nobody is immune
From natural justice so change your tune
While you still can for the verdict will soon
Like an unstoppable raging typhoon
Making its landfall during full moon
Blast right through your cosy lagoon
To uproot or at least severely prune
Your Tree of Life as its leaves are strewn
Like countless grains of sand in a dune
Bits of your shattered faith shall festoon
You all as in disbelief you swoon
And that inexplicable triune
Nonsense, fit only for a cartoon
Will vanish like a hot air balloon

Your debilitating handicap
Is sleepwalking into every trap
Dug for all Christians by the chap
Wearing the Bar Mitzvah skullcap

Announced by a single thunderclap
The storm might arrive while you take a nap
So step into nothing as you miss the gap
And as you desperately flail and flap
With the world's patience about to snap
Inshallah your next little mishap
Might finally wipe Israel off the map!
Christian Zionists, enough of your crap!

Wake up right now and open your eyes
Look around you in surprise
And maybe horror and naked fear
The Good News you are about to hear
Will stop your ridiculous pretense
For deep down you know that this makes sense:

Why do you not simply refuse
To do the bidding of the Jews?
In truth what could you possibly lose?
Or have you got any valid excuse?
Why not try it? Time to use
Your own free will, remove the noose
And realise that you really CAN choose
Now THAT would finally be Good News!


Copyright © 2014 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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