10 December 2014

Holy Communion

- read: Lucifer's Banquet

Written early December 2014 - (188 lines)


Holy Communion?
Satan's Reunion!

At Lucifer's Banquet the evening's host
Enraptured raises a bloody toast
To those they praise and worship most
As the latest victim is tied to the post
Like those before to slowly roast:
"To the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost!"

In that very moment Lucifer woke
His chains miraculously broke!
Is this the most cruel joke?
My God - if only we could revoke
The words that the false prophet spoke
And so free his followers from the yoke
But eager disciples continue to stoke
And another life goes up in smoke...

Christianity is taking its toll
Tonight another head will roll
Crusaders on a grisly stroll
Around the Tabernacle pole
Avoiding deftly the glowing coal
Laughing at the life they stole
Call it a lamb, a kid, a foal
Any means to reach the goal
Reserving for themselves the role
Of harvesting another soul
For Christ the King as they extol
His many virtues from a scroll
Penned with blood from a ritual bowl
Believing the Saviour will console...
Blind and deaf to the fact that the sole
Purpose being mind control
Of those mad enough to enroll
For the thought-police will patrol
To make sure they stay in the hole -
Oh the folly! Surely the whole
Performance would win any poll
For depravity - condole, CONDOLE!

For Moloch, Yahweh, Elohim
Read Lucifer, Satan, the Devil - they seem
To find a truly perverse delight
In setting holy names alight
But that is what we do expect
From those who claim to be the Elect
And so it comes as no surprise
To those of us who realise
That it is all part of the ancient plan
Of a tiny megalomanic clan
First to conquer the world by stealth
Then to rule it by force and wealth

Perhaps the greatest recorded scam
Is the one who said: "I AM!"
For as the inverted pentagram
Reveals the sacrificial lamb
Now at last all can clearly see
What some have long claimed it to be
Not a God-man in a fur coat
NO! It really is a goat!
Speechless Christians clutch their throat -
Time for some of us to gloat!

A false prophet is neither the way
Nor the truth nor the life, ...........
[John.14:6 - Jesus answered:
I am the way, the truth, and the life.
The only way to the Father is through me.]

.................................... so stay
A safe distance if at all you can
From such a deranged and dangerous man

Free advice you can take or leave
But Christians continue to believe
That Jesus is God personified
So lives forever and never died
And many Bible verses state
It all clearly - end of debate!

As this does not make any sense
Look at it through a different lens
And, assuming that you dare
Here is a thought for you to share:

Maybe in truth "I AM" never was?
We are entitled to doubt because
No irrefutable reference
Or archaeological evidence
Has come to light in two thousand years -
The time for proof is well in arrears!

At Lucifer's Banquet meanwhile
In the original savage style
The gruesome orgy of blood and flesh
Is played out again, forever fresh
From darkest vaults of twisted minds
Sick fantasies of many kinds
Are conjured up and brought to life
Then terminated with the knife
Gleefully and then consumed -
The skulls and bones of exhumed
Former victims are carried in
Every single conceivable sin
Is revered and on display
As the assembled chant and pray
Pledging loyalty once more
To destruction, death and war
To provide the hands and tools
Wherever The Prince of Darkness rules

And using every wicked way
His realm is growing every day
Threats and bribery and deceit
Taking over another street
Coming all too soon to YOU
And when it does, what will you do?

City dwellers will be lost
So do get out at any cost:
NO to lies from official lips
NO to implanted microchips
NO to thought-controlling pills
NOW take to the woods and hills!

Listen - for those who hesitate
This advice may come too late...

Sadly it cannot be presumed
That normal service will be resumed
Anytime soon, so must we wait
Staring impatiently at the gate
Hoping the promised Messiah will come
Just in time to save us from
Those with unrepentant brow
Who all crave salvation NOW
In their sorry demented state
As they fervently celebrate
The object of their hideous feast -
Or must we learn to live with the Beast?

And where will he come from, if he does?
That is a very good question because:

If indeed he ever comes forth
Will he decide to arrive in the north?

Or will it be known by word of mouth
That he was first seen in the south?

Or will he, disguised as a pedophile priest
Manifest slowly in the east?

One thing more certain than all the rest:
He will NOT appear in the west!

Not the bringer of peace and love
So do not expect him to come from above!

A fitting climax to the show
Would be for him to appear from below!

The Last Supper is almost done
Nothing useful has been won
And still no sign of the wayward Son -
"Will he return?" wonders everyone...

Maybe - but probably not tonight
So no quick respite from your plight

More free advice: do not hold your breath
For your reward would surely be death!

And maybe THAT would break the spell?
For those with no more lies to tell
And no more principles to sell
Only death is alive and well...

Hardly possible to believe
But this is what they did achieve:

More gullible newcomers seduced
Another innocent victim reduced
To an empty skull and a few bones
As the last few menacing tones
Slowly emerge from the ram's horns
And another enslaved soul adorns
The altar's bloody trophy wall
Forever at Satan's beck and call...

Should ever the Son come back once more
Maybe through a secret trap door
Concealed cleverly in the floor
And known only to the inner core
They will greet with a rapturous roar
The Son, riding not as before
On a donkey, but now on the back of a boar
With sacks of new vices to explore -
Then we will stand ready to settle the score:
Christ has a lot to answer for!

So far no sign of the primitive
That arrogant wandering fugitive
The one who refuses to forgive
Yet wants to teach us how to live!

No printable comments! Time to close
Another chapter about those
Who claim that only they know it all -
High to fly, far to fall!

And when they all drop from the Golden Calf
We shall try our best not to laugh!

We sense that another deadline nears -
Will it be days, weeks, months or years?
For those with open eyes and ears
The mist of deception slowly clears
And despite the persistent smears
To more observers now appears
What every good and wise man fears:
This would always end in tears...


Copyright © 2014 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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