23 June 2007

From Israel With Hate

- Lebanon War 2006

Written mid June 2007 - (104 lines)

Dedicated to HIZBOLLAH


We all know who did it, there is no case to prove
The perpetrator should be forced to remove
Not just most of them but every single one
Of the four million or so dropped on Lebanon

Yes, I am talking about those cluster bombs
And the first reaction which naturally comes
To mind is: DIABOLICAL!
Any suggestion of a political
Or religious justification falls flat:
Civilised nations DO NOT behave like that!

And there is something else, has it also caught your eye?
Strangely the failure rate was unusually high
Maybe a "special version" for a special case?
Whatever the truth of it, it really does raise
The fundamental question about the Zionists:
Can terror-state Israel be allowed to exist?

Having seeded the south with a lethal crop
The number of casualties keeps going up
How many fathers working on the land
To feed their wives and children have lost a foot or hand?
And how many children, maybe thinking they were toys
Picked them up or kicked them, innocent little boys
And girls, have had their heads or arms or legs
Blown off because they played with them - it begs
The question: how many more will be maimed
Or killed before the area can be claimed
To be safe again for those who live there?
One thing is certain: Israel does not care!


Smart weapons entrusted to fools
Smashing everything including schools
Hospitals, bridges, ports, roads
Runways and, carrying their loads,
Desperate refugees fleeing in fear
In cars, on donkeys, on foot, as they hear
War closing in on them mercilessly -
Perhaps even more ominously
A United Nations observation post
Offers no protection when needed most -
Devastated countryside
Basic human rights denied...

One message ringing in everybody's ears:
"We will set Lebanon back twenty years!"

Nothing is sacred to professional thugs
The world looks on, repeatedly shrugs
Its heavy shoulders and wrings its hands
Unable to utter the simple demand:
In the name of all humanity

It took too many days and lives to agree
A terrible indictment of the powers that be...
The few dragged their feet, calling for more
Time to conclude this barbaric war
And the many too ready and willing to give -
A sad reflection on the place we live...


And you did not get your two soldiers back!
HA! Your grotesquely savage attack
All came to nothing and it serves you so right!
A few thousand men, who know how to fight
Cowards like you, rose and stood firm
Their heroic resistance made you squirm
As you spent more time carrying your dead
And wounded back than you did going ahead!

In the rolling hills of south Lebanon
Lasting damage was undoubtedly done
To the pride and psyche of Israel
For suddenly the unthinkable
Materialised: the invincible
IDF fought to a standstill
By some very determined local men -
Would you like to try that little game again?


The masks have fallen and the blind can see
That the war was pre-planned and meant to be
A grand new chapter in the overall scheme
Of that hideous Crusader-Zionist dream
The Project for the New American Century
(World domination to you and me)
But the architects of the new Middle East
Are all marked now - with the sign of the beast!

Their fantasies in ruins, their designs put on hold
Their castles made of sand and the wave of time rolled
Right over them while they looked for an easy way
To the next horizon and the next hapless prey

Without that painful corrective therapy
Who can guess where now they might be
Causing damage maybe impossible to mend
And God only knows where it all would end...
But it did not come to that and time is running out
For the terrorists and criminals who were about
To take over the world in the holy name
Of freedom and democracy, how close they came
We may never know but it seems the project failed -
They should now all be tried for warcrimes and jailed!

We should all be grateful to Hassan Nasrallah
And his steadfast men - THANK YOU HIZBOLLAH!


We demand to know why the cluster bombs were sent
With no tactical value they were obviously meant
For the long term to cause yet more suffering and grief
Israel - you really are beyond belief!
Pure evil in action best describes what you do
Both Stalin and Hitler would be very proud of you!

The message every one of the bomblets gives out
Is for the avoidance of any lingering doubt:
Made in AMERICA for the Zionist state
Deadly souvenirs - From Israel With Hate


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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