22 June 2007

The Chosen Ones

- or so they think

Written mid June 2007 - (103 lines)


They claim to be the Chosen Ones
And their silly arrogant argument runs
That in ancient times it was so decreed
By God himself and we can read
All about it in holy scripture -
You get my drift and the overall picture?

That is the way it is, ah well
And if we do not like it we can go to hell

Perversely, maybe appropriately
So similar to Nazi ideology
Two hideous masks on one ugly face
Superimposed in time and space -

Ssshh! Listen! What is that sound?
Marching boots on the ground:

"By the Almighty's grace
We are the Master Race
Normal rules do not apply
To us, no, we will defy
The entire world if it comes to that
Against our logic its idle chat
Will dissolve like morning dew
What we predict always comes true!

Do not attempt to interfere
With anything that we do here
For we are not on a casual stroll
But a long slow march towards our goal
And anyone standing in the way
We will remove, come what may
Hell or high water, whichever comes first!
OUR special bubble will never burst
Not in a thousand years or more
And we know all that went before
Ages of wisdom we possess
We are all-knowing, no more, no less!

Even the angels beg us to say
What IS the secret of our wonderful way
But we refuse to communicate
With beings of such a lowly state
Though soon we shall be instructing them
Building the New Jerusalem
To our glorious and grand design -
Solomon! Alexander! Constantine!
Resign! Resign! Resign!

Peace above and mayhem below
We are in charge here and will show
You mere mortals how great we are
The Swastika and David's Star
Are our emblems of sovereign rule
Over filthy peasants and miserable fools
Our right to power is divine
Noble, magnanimous and benign
It will never end or decline -
But why are we even talking to you?
There is always something much better to do!
Here is a suitable and famous line:
Do not cast your pearls before swine...

It is your eternal terrible loss
That you will NEVER be one of us!
So there! Did that hurt? We do hope so!
And now we tell you so that you know:
We are the selected sons
Better known as - The CHOSEN ONES"


Hitler-Germany or Israel
Expanding cancers, who can tell
The difference between the two:
Nazi conscript or Zionist Jew?

Some say Judaism is not the same
As Zionism so do not blame
All Jews for what only Zionists do
That is neither fair nor true
But study the subject and no test confirms
That they are mutually exclusive terms

So any Jew who fails to speak out
Against it, whether by whisper or shout
Is partially guilty of the crimes
Committed in these troubled times
By Zionists and all their friends
In high places, those who attend
Submissively to any demand
For a Zionist wish is their command
Give them some and they always want more -
Is that what they were created for?
Money, weapons, the list is long
They like to think they are oh-so strong
They truly believe that they can fly
But forget that ants, when they grow wings, die!
On wings of wax may they head for the sun
Like Icarus before them, to become undone!
On wings of cast iron may they fall free
And come to rest on the bottom of the sea!
Whatever they do may it come to grief!
Whatever their time may it be brief!

They certainly are a special breed
For they neither listen nor take heed
When sound advice is offered free
It honestly did surprise me
When I did some research to find out
What these two groups were really about

And so the path of the Chosen Ones
Goes on as it has always done
From mishap to disaster and from bad to worse
Abandoned the hope that it might be reversed
Their destiny to be - forever cursed


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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