21 June 2007

The Jewish Quarter

- as in twentyfive percent

Written mid June 2007 - (146 lines)


Only about twentyfive percent
Of Jews think Israel was meant
As a homeland for them! All the rest
Have refused to go, despite the best
Efforts, temptations, pleas and threats
Anything goes so long as it lets
The illegal Zionist state
Artificially inflate
The incoming numbers, long in decline -
Foreigners occupying Palestine!

All indoctrinated through the song:
Israel, my country, right or wrong

White Jews from Russia may wish to go back
Where they came from due to the current lack
Of real opportunities in Israel
While Russia is finally doing well

Black Jews from Ethiopia
Flown free of charge to Utopia
What kind of future awaits them there?
Do you really think the Zionists care?
To them it is only a numbers game -
Some things always stay the same!


Let us think about it: why should they go?
They have no reason to do so!
Having lived elsewhere for hundreds of years
They arrive in Israel with serious fears
About integration and identity
Employment and above all security
Plus a language they probably do not understand -
Strangers in their promised land!

Why would they choose to give up what they know
Unless they feel a strong duty to go
For religious reasons, and statistics show
The vast majority are NOT orthodox
But secular - that is the paradox

Now to toy with such plans may not be too bad
But to actually do it one must be mad
For stripped of slogans and niceties
The reality facing them looks like this:

From a normal life in a normal land
To starting all over again in the sand
With hostile neighbours wherever they look
Ready to pounce because Zionists took
Their land and forced so many to flee
Eight hundred thousand approximately
Now grown to four-and-a-half million at least
Spread all over the Middle East
All have an inalienable right to return
Which MUST be honoured or this world will burn
It passes to the children when somebody dies
And no statute of limitation applies

Ethnic cleansing is the favourite tool
Of the truly evil, the most cruel
And it was practiced in the Holy Land
With a hatred difficult to understand
They took, like the Nazis, a perverse pride
In the perfection of genocide

And the irony surely has not been lost:
That the victims of one holocaust
Would perpetrate another BUT
The victims of the second could not
In any way be held to blame -
Still the Zionist monster came
Devouring the land and spewing flame
Infecting all with its toxic breath
It was instant exile or horrible death

Their water-holes poisoned, their houses destroyed
Their fields laid waste, all they built and enjoyed
Eradicated and the people are gone -
Perhaps the greatest injustice ever done

But despite the terrible human cost
Of creating Israel all is not lost
For the land is still there and we know their wells
Their homes and villages, the truth dispels
The web of myths and lies engineered
By Israel to prevent the most feared
Subject of all to be freely discussed
If raised at all it is quickly tossed
Aside but is present everywhere
Like a homeless ghost it hangs in the air:
The return of the people who used to live there!

There is no excuse, there is plenty of room
The influx would spark an economic boom
Jews were never farmers, Palestinians are
Any counter-argument heard so far
Has been swiftly countered and ripped to shreds
The conclusion is what every Zionist dreads
And it spells the end of Jewish Israel:

And as dawn follows night, the day will come
When ALL the refugees and not just some
Will return to their rightful homes to resume
Their old way of life, resurrected from the tomb

And the call to prayer, absent so long
Will be heard again, clear and strong
Across Judea and Samaria -
La ilaha ilallaah...!

Children will laugh and women will sing
Less worried about what tomorrow will bring
Men will be busy in the fields and local trade
Elders will seek out a seat in the shade
Drink tea and talk about all they used to do
And about the future - but not in Hebrew


As if not enough, there is more on the way
The prospects for Israel look worse by the day
Another reason why Zion will not last
Also a direct function of its past:

The ultimate nightmare of the Jewish state
The steadily increasing rate
Of Arabs to Jews is a fact of life
It may lead to all kinds of internal strife
But it cannot be reversed or put on hold
Slowed down or wished away, we are told
They would like you genetically modified
But those nasty rumours have of course been denied
Whatever they may say, whatever the spin
They do see the Arabs as the enemy within

So to you on the inside of that hideous wall
All Arab-Israelis, please heed this call
Biological warfare is the way ahead
There is no need for anthrax, no instead
Implement the very best family plan:
Have as many children as you possibly can!
And slowly but surely your power will grow
Until the day that YOU will be running the show

When the Jewishness of Israel is on the wane
You will be masters in your own land again
To offer co-existence to the Jews
Should they accept it, and those that refuse
Will be free to go to wherever they wish
Send them on their way with five loaves and two fish
Grant them safe passage and give them water to drink -
Believe me, it will happen, maybe sooner than you think


So one way or the other the outlook is bleak
For an artificial state which always was weak
Surviving on others, a true parasite -
Will the last person to leave switch off the light

Have you come so far without falling asleep
I have one last question, designed to keep
You awake until the light of dawn
Listen carefully and try not to yawn:

WHY on earth should a foreign Jew
Wish to move to Israel, I am asking you
To answer that please in a sensible way -
Think long and hard but I am sure you will say
That you have to come back for that some other day!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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