19 July 2007

The Bear and the Lions

- Mahmoud Abbas / Hamas

Written mid July 2007 - (83 lines)

Dedicated to HAMAS


Abbas has been tamed and is Olmert's dancing bear
Performing for peanuts with honey anywhere
His keeper sees fit to put him on show
Enjoying the attention wherever they go

The bear is getting old and is clumsy on his paws
Just going through the motions while from his toothless jaws
His trainer's repeated and remembered lies
Are uttered once more without conviction in his eyes...

Round and round again in sad circles he goes
Expertly led by his keeper by the nose...


But the lions of Gaza are a different game!
That part of the world will never be the same
For a new and better age has arrived
Corruption and dishonesty are now deprived
Of the safe houses they used to share
That exclusive oasis of opulence where
The shameless discredited tired old guard
Had set up shop in Hamas' backyard
To hide donor-money maybe meant for a school
And like pigs at the trough sharing the pool
Squealing for more as they uncontrollably drool -
Standard trademarks of secular rule!

Allowing the enemy to infiltrate
Its ranks so law and order would disintegrate
Was the final act of treachery by those
And left Hamas no real choice but to depose
Them, and it was swiftly done
Some were killed while most chose to run

Having missed their chances and disgraced their souls
It was inevitable that control
Would be forcibly taken from their weak hands
By the highly motivated well-trained bands
Of the armed wing of Islamist Hamas -
Immediately condemned by the West, whereas
Shrewd observers at once understood
That radical change would be for the good
Of the entire neighbourhood -
And before we knew it was all over when
The God-fearing, clean-living, straight-dealing men
And women of Hamas reappeared
From their homes, now free of the ones they feared


Forced to sit and wait and wonder when
Israel might open the gates again
To let in some desperately needed supplies -
At the mercy of their enemies, the injustice cries
To high heaven, robbed of their dignity
By the international community
Whose sanctions are not just unreasonable
But totally unforgivable!


There is no military solution to this
For Israel or the wider West, the fact is
With each act of terror committed by the state
Of Israel they only increase the hate
And memories in this part of the world are long
One evil deed deserves another and ping-pong
They attacked us first, no they did this, no you did that
Goes on and on in a never-ending tit-for-tat


The lions of Gaza have had enough
Of the world's false promises turning into puffs
Of smoke from the barrel of an Israeli tank
In Gaza as well as the West Bank

Know that you are not alone!
We are many who disown
The despicable hypocrisy
Parading as democracy
In the countries where we live!
If nothing else we can give
You moral support and sincerely hope
That you will have the strength to cope
With whatever your enemies throw at you
That they will give up and you will come through!

Turn your prison into a fortress so strong
That nobody will dare to commit one more wrong
Against you, may all attempts fail!
Inshallah justice WILL prevail!

You have earned our respect, admiration and applause
For YOU are the ones who are true to the cause
Of all Palestinians wherever they may be -
You would give your own lives to set your brothers free!

Far from being radicals and fundamentalists
Extremists and blood-thirsty terrorists
And all the other names you are called by some
You are the vanguard of what is to come!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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