23 July 2007

On GWBs Colonoscopy

- G W Bush (humour)

Written 22 July 2007 - (31 lines)


With the world's foremost terrorist laid out on the table
Sedated but his condition pretty stable
You would have thought that someone could have found the time
To interrogate the monster about every single crime
Committed by himself and his gang of evil thugs -
To loosen up his jaws try those special truth-drugs...

Should he refuse to speak, ask those who know
What is the current method down in Guantanamo
Water-boarding tops the list, it is almost like you drown
Highly recommended for this useless clown

Should stronger stuff be called for, give him a free seat
On one of those rendition flights, in a manner most discrete
To an undisclosed location from where we will not hear
From that person anymore - just make him disappear!

His few remaining followers will no doubt blame
Islam, and say without him things are not the same
Should he fail to show up again - Oh what a shame!

But with VP Dick Cheney we would all be in good hands
For reportedly no-one in the world understands
Better what happened on the eleventh of SeptemBER
Two-thousand-and-one, but of course he can't rememBER
Where he was and what he did on that particular day
However he has been heard repeatedly to say
That no more attacks since then goes to show
How effective all the measures are - well, he should know!

Wrapping up proceedings now with some comic relief
Back to the boss, the commander-in-chief
I suggested this before but will say it once again
(From going into details I promise to refrain):
The whole operation was completely in vain
For what they were looking for this time was - HIS BRAIN...


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