31 July 2007

The Exile Under Ishmael

- an ancient prophecy

Written late July 2007 - (62 lines)


The creation of the state of Israel
Was a terrible dreadful ghastly mistake
The results entirely predictable
And the horrors surely enough to make
Even those in favour throw up their hands
And weep for the destruction of the Holy Land...

New citizens imported from overseas
By the boatload, and as soon as they came
Were told they could do more or less as they please
And wasting no time they would settle and claim
That land as theirs for ever more
While excluding those who lived there before

Forced out at gunpoint or brutally killed
The lucky ones barely managed to escape
The bloodthirsty Zionists were proud and thrilled
To maim and murder, to loot and rape -
Every conceivable atrocity was done
While the British mandate powers looked on

Every promise they had willingly made
No matter to whom they later broke
Well-meaning benefactors were soon betrayed
By the devious language the colonisers spoke -
A state ideology so dark and sinister
That terrorists later became prime minister!

But have they in staggering arrogance
Trapped themselves in a corner now
By building for decades in complete defiance
Of what common decency and law will allow?
Today few serious observers doubt
That goodwill and patience and time are running out

What about the five million dispossessed
And their inalienable right to return?
Israel is showing neither interest
Nor the slightest sign of any human concern -
If a two state solution is made impossible
They will all have no choice but to live in Israel!

(The state of Israel may be very small
But look at it this way: one size fits all!)

We should neither ridicule nor ignore
Old prophecies just because they fall
Beyond fields of knowledge we can explore
And this one may well soon terrify all
The self-satisfied Jews now in Israel:
Are you ready for The Exile Under Ishmael - ?

Remind us please of the ratio today
In Israel itself of Arabs to Jews:
Two to eight, statistics say -
Are you sure you want the rest of the news?
For this ancient prediction to be fulfilled
Eighty percent must be driven out or killed...

So maybe the time is almost here?
Would it not be reckless to simply say NO?
Are signs now slowly starting to appear?
How long will it be before we know
If a just retribution is about to descend
On Israel to mark the beginning of the end...?

The struggle for justice was forced to wait
Ever since this failed experiment began
And still there is no Palestinian state
Nor a will to implement any honest plan -
Are events now about to end the curse?
A solution with a vengeance: PASSOVER IN REVERSE!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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