30 July 2007

The Bastard Child

- that nobody wanted

Written late July 2007 - (108 lines)


Israel is a pathological and wild
Aggressive maladjusted bastard child
Of discredited parents who secretly gave in
To their darkest desires, hoping to win
Recognition at last from the Zionists -
His father and mother seem only to exist
For him as he confirms their worst fears
That their short-lived pride would end in tears

Their innocent-looking little boy
Has an inclination to destroy
All he reaches out to touch
In truth it does not matter much
What it is - he breaks, they fix
And weary of his constant tricks
His parents pray that his mean streak
May slowly fade and grow so weak
That one fine day their son might appear
Normal enough for some kind of career -
You cannot take him anywhere
Without tantrums that make strangers stare

All their efforts to please their offspring
Have failed in any way to bring
The child to behave in an acceptable way
It does not matter what they say
Or do, the child just carries on
Screaming: "I want the sun
And all the stars and the full moon!
If I do not get them I will kill you soon!
They are my birthright, don't you know?"
All his actions clearly show
A deranged and deluded mentality
But that is the tragic reality
Facing the world in the Middle East -
So what to do with the little beast?

Some kind of protective custody
Combined with extensive therapy
Reminded regularly in a stern
Fatherly way he just might learn
That the world does not belong to him
Alone - yes, that news was grim!

He should not be let out until
He has mastered the social skills
And basic manners to match his age -
Getting his truly diabolical rage
Under control will take time
Using the latest and most sublime
Techniques and methods known to man
Every sophisticated test and scan
We must monitor every move
As long as it takes to clinically prove
That he is no longer a public risk
Then after a final security frisk
We shall see if he is now
Improved sufficiently to allow
Him into the world to take his place
As a member of the human race
Willing and able to find his own way
Without always ignoring what others say
Living with his neighbours in peace -
A strict condition for his release!

So long as he remains immature
His chances of acceptance are poor
In any civilised society -
His parents' acute anxiety
In this regard is naturally high
Their bastard child demanding the sky
They cannot say NO and they cannot say YES
He threatens to blow up the world unless
He gets what he wants which is always more -
His parents refused to believe it before
But with mounting evidence now accept
That their child, probably while they slept
Became addicted to deadly drugs
When his money is spent he angrily tugs
Their sleeves: "I need some more cash!
Give it to me NOW or my world will crash!
And if you must know what the money is for:
Conflict, destruction, death and war!
These are the only things that I love!
And if anybody sends me a pure white dove
Of peace I will blow it out of the sky
Immediately! Do not even try
To restrain me for I am beyond control!
The evidence is in an ancient scroll
Which you are all too stupid to read!
MORE POWER TO ME is my only creed!"

His parents should now ignore his frown
Gently but firmly hold him down
And whether or not he wishes to hear
Whisper slowly in his ear:

"Listen son, the time has come
To finally let you into some
Of the facts of adult life
You know rumours have long been rife
This may hurt but it is true
We never really wanted you
So go away, you are now on your own
We prayed for a child but you have grown
Into a monster - do we deserve this
Instead of pure parental bliss?
Maybe the punishment for our sin?
It is all too late now for us to begin
Afresh, but we vaguely recall
Someone saying: you lie as you fall...

And our final word of advice
You can follow it or pay the price:
Some day soon you will feel the world's wrath
If you continue down the psycho-path......."


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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