7 July 2007

Like Frankenstein's Monster

- Israel is out of control

Written early July 2007 - (70 lines)


Created from the dismembered corpse of Palestine
Cobbled together from an ill thought out design
Before the plans and drawings were properly agreed
While discussions were on-going as how best to proceed
With a type of project which was little known
Even less understood - it burst into life of its own!

It sprang into action once it opened its eyes
The local population was taken by surprise
Was massacred or driven out and with a mad sneer
The Monster shouted hatefully: "Now I live here!
So leave or be killed or stay and be my slaves!
If you do not comply you will dig your own graves!"

Since coming into being in nineteen-fortyeight
The Monster has grown in size and in weight
Though its noises are both ambiguous and vague
It is known to be infested with the deadly plague
And we sense from its hideous snarling frown:
"I dare you, if you take me out - we all go down!"

The Monster of Zion is out of control
How long before the region will be swallowed whole?
Turned into a wasteland or maybe a sheet of glass?
The potential is there for a disaster to surpass
Anything yet seen in recorded history
The Monster has been named, it is not a mystery
And we all know only too well where it roams
Just follow the twisted trail of destroyed homes
The stench of death in the neighbourhood
Uprooted olive trees, ripped out where they stood
By an inhuman power, alien yet known
The grotesque manifestation of evil seeds sown
On foreign soil long before and far far away -
But why do the innocent locals have to pay?

Mostly just emitting a menacing growl
The Monster breaks into a terrifying howl
When its heavy blunt weapon with a muted dull thud
Announces the daily dose of fresh Muslim blood...

Those responsible for letting it loose
Have a lot to answer for! Humanity must choose
Between doing what needs to be done without delay
And having to do a lot more some later day -
So really, looked at rationally, it is an easy choice
But we still hear only an occasional voice
In favour of doing what we all know must be done
And while we dither the Monster is on the run!

A civilised world would stop it in its tracks!
Instead its creators just watch as it attacks
Again and again lashing out ferociously
The outcome balanced precariously
They dare not go near it for in truth they are afraid
Of the very nature of the Monster they made
So they flatter and protect it and cheer it on
Like some Roman theatre, entertainment and fun
Yet it bites the hands that have fed it for years
Showing no signs of remorse, let alone any tears
For the countless victims of its fiendish rage -
Will someone put this Monster back in the cage!

How many times have its creators said if we
Give it time and space to settle, it will eventually
Grow into something both lovable and cute?
That is only their opinion, in contrast the astute
But terrified audience evidently lacks
The courage to go after it today with an axe...

Where is the collective will to intervene?
Meanwhile the carnage is quite simply obscene...

Back to the drawing board, the world has had enough
Of its death and destruction, it is time to get tough!
And to stop more lives from being torn apart
A stake should be driven right through its black heart!

Like Frankenstein's Monster, Israel has run amok
To rein it in is now a race against the clock...


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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