11 July 2007

To Non-Jewish Zionists

- the simple question: why?

Written early July 2007 - (56 lines)


If I really try my best, yes, I can understand
Why Jews around the world are sympathetic to the land
Of Israel, at least in a sentimental sense
Though the urge to live there is not exactly intense:
So far only twentyfive percent did choose
To move to the homeland manufactured for the Jews

But there are also non-Jews who strongly feel the same
Well what can I say? - I tried but never came
Close to comprehending it, please ease my misery
Maybe non-Jew Zionists can explain a mystery
Which has been around now for about a hundred years:
So - what DO you get out of it? Speak, we are all ears!

Is it "doing the right thing" that makes you feel so good?
Or "defending the weak and the misunderstood"?
If the answer is YES, come on, must be a joke!
Bear with us for ten minutes and excuse us while we choke!

Are you a foot-soldier in the Halleluja-brigade
Who feels a higher calling to come to the aid
Of the project for the new Jerusalem?
Will you personally be there as a helpmate for them
When they tear down al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock?
Are you already fervently one of the flock
Who looks forward to enrapture with a fluttering heart
When, if you can manage it, you finally blow apart
The Holy Land, the Middle East and maybe a whole lot more
And a certain person you claim has been here before
Returns to usher in Paradise on Earth...
And you hope to get much more than just your money's worth
In recompense in ways you can scarcely comprehend
In blessings and salvation in the Times of the End?

And that was just for starters, there are many questions still:
Did you offer your services of your own free will?
Or were you recruited? And if so, by whom and how?
What is the procedure? OK tell us now now:
Is it true that every word you utter must be a lie?
Did you have to swear allegiance until the day you die?
Or can you leave any time you want without fear
Of prosecution, persecution, execution? We hear
That some were born as Zionists - is that really true?
Related maybe to something your parents used to do?

Or is it something much more down-to-earth and mundane
That makes you lick their boots and kiss their feet? Please explain!
Maybe you get commission on every weapons deal?
Or do you charge good money in exchange for the seal
Of approval before any contract can be done
For every new illegal house in Sector E-1?
A facilitator maybe of the nuclear trade?
Did you design the bright new logo which says: "Made
In Israel"? Go on now, spill the beans:
Do you get a buzz out of working behind the scenes
Preparing the puppets and instructing the clowns
In how to act and what to say when the big boys come to town?

No? None of the above? Are you really sure?
Whatever your motives, they are obviously pure
Enough to give you that self-satisfied glow!
SO WHAT IS IT? The world would really like to know!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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