14 July 2007

Little and Large

- Israel and America

Written mid July 2007 - (81 lines)


Little and Large were very good friends
Or that is what Large believed
But Little was only playing pretend
And Large was being deceived

Large, content in his ignorance
Did not know he was being exploited
And Little, in staggering arrogance
Was sure he was the anointed

It was all too much for Large to see through
For he was basically stupid
Worse, he was dyslexic too
So mistook putrid for cupid

Large assumed romantically
They would go to Paradise
Together forever, happily
But Little, the parasite -

Had other ideas and a lot to do
In putting them into action
Hell-bent on seeing his project through
To his complete satisfaction

So Little asked Large if he felt all right
If not he could make him feel better
And assuring Large that the risk was slight
He followed the instructions to the letter

Large thought it was something to cure his bad cough
Or to clear his blocked sinus
What he got was a lethal injection of
The purest Zionist virus

But Large did not die, all went as planned
For to kill was not Little's intention
He only wanted to understand
His latest evil invention

After some time had passed, Large came around
And softly began to mumble
About a new purpose, suddenly found
And the perfect Zionist-Zombie -

Was born and said: "I exist for you!
Your wish is my command!
I pledge my assistance in all you do
Plus the keys to the Holy Land!"

Little seems to posess every vice
Like a clever belligerent whore
Never grateful and not even nice
He always clamours for more

And Little keeps stabbing Large in the back
For that is his natural instinct
And Large keeps repeating that worn-out track
That the two are in no way linked:

"Of course we will stand by our very best friend
In good times and in bad
He deserves our support and help without end!"
How inexpressibly sad!

So Little's breathless relentless pursuit
Carried out with no effort spared
Paid off with another hapless recruit
Approached, bewitched, ensnared

Little has very meticulously
Replaced British aristocracy
Deviously but successfully
With American meritocracy
(Should that not be mediocracy?)

A born-again Christian and a secular Jew
What a brilliant combination!
PM Ehud Olmert and George W
Competing for our attention!

They meet to discuss what the media say
As their dismal approval ratings
Drop lower and lower every day -
Together they poll nearly eighteen...

God only knows what the future holds
For Little and Large, the team
And their evolving respective roles
In the Greater Israel dream

If it were not so tragic it would be great fun
To follow this incompetent duo
But for all the evil deeds they have done
Send them to - Guantanamo!

To Little and Large we now say Good-BYE!
The Christian abused by the Zionist -
I will until the day that I die
Thank God I became an Islamist!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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