24 July 2007

Recreate the Caliphate

- and the sooner the better!

Written late July 2007 - (150 lines)


Assume for a moment there were free and fair
Monitored elections everywhere
Tomorrow for all humanity -
When the votes were counted, what would we see?

It seems safe to say from all we know
That as far as Muslim countries go
Islamists would be in control
Or at least the biggest party in every poll -
Think of the encouragement that would give
Right across the globe wherever Muslims live!

Now if those countries then signed a pact
For them all to more or less work and act
Both at home and abroad with one strong voice
As one huge nation, that would surely be their choice!

In terms of resources they are simply blessed
What is yet unexplored cannot be guessed
Renewables too, manpower without end
In short, all ingredients for a successful blend
Of free nations willing to co-operate
And merge into a new Caliphate


The Ottoman Empire is one precedent
In recent times, but others have lent
The concept credibility before and since
Here are two examples in order to convince
Everybody that, when the skeptics have been won
Or accommodated, it really can be done

And may we please hear the names of those two?
The USA and the EU! True?

Both associations started as small
Modest groupings long before the call
For greater integration grew irresistible
Accepting over time the collective will
Not of all the people but certainly of most
The nation-state is becoming a ghost
A feeble shadow of what it used to be
The blocs are getting bigger naturally
Largely a function of technology
And if we open our eyes we can see
The emergence of the US and the EU show
It is clearly the logical way to go!


And what is good for them might be good for us
They should stay quiet and not make a fuss
It is neither for the US nor for the EU
To say that Muslim countries should not do
The same if that is what they wish
Over time to build and accomplish

On what grounds exactly they would object
Is as difficult to see as it is easy to detect
Their distinct disapproval, not to say fear
Of that very prospect, should it appear
To develop from the stage of romantic dream
To a practical format which the West would deem
As always without thinking and without regret
An immediate and deadly serious threat
To its "vital interests" in precisely those parts
Of the world where the Caliphate now dimly starts
To look like a real possibility -
Further scope for a huge calamity!

Would the West challenge and interfere?
What do you mean WOULD? It is painfully clear
To tens of millions learning the hard way
It is already doing just that today
Continuing long established trends
To re-engineer the world for its own ends
Without compassion or regard for the law -
Muslims should refuse to accept it anymore!

The only principle the West adheres to:
"Do as we say and not as we do!"

The main reason why the West would like to spoil
The tentative plans taking place on Muslim soil
Can be summed up in three words: oil, gas and oil!
But as a Muslim birthright, it belongs to them
If you want it, buy it, but first you should stem
The tide of abuse flowing the other way
Or Muslims might well have the final say!


Let us look at some interesting figures now
And we might get a useful insight into how
The world might evolve in the coming years
And how it might influence accepted ideas:

There are three hundred million Americans
And five hundred million EU citizens

We are unlikely to see an increase
In the one-point-three billion Chinese
Anytime soon, due to the policy
Allowing only one child per family

The one-point-one billion Indians will grow
But fifteen percent are Muslims, you know!
A massive thirty million just in Uttar Pradesh -
We must look at the world with eyes that are fresh!

How many people do you think there would be
In a new Caliphate, approximately
Starting only with East North Africa
The Middle East and West Asia?
The figure that we arrive at here
Is two-hundred-and-fifty million, or near

Add South and South-East Asia in
And the picture that emerges will begin
To show you the scale of the potential:
More than nine-hundred million - phenomenal!

Let us now be bold and also include
The remaining Muslim countries, and we see the magnitude
Of the real size and power, how vast and great
The Muslim realm could be if we decide to create
A twenty-first century Caliphate!

Well over one billion and that is a fact
Should we go ahead and physically enact
Our vision in the real world - and no-one has the right
To complain or obstruct using military might

And do not forget the high birth rate!
Plus the prospect that many might migrate
From non-Muslim lands wherever they may be
Presently not part of a majority!

Nearly one quarter of humanity
Working together in good faith and dignity
Is this the future we can already see?
Assuming we are looking objectively
At the simple facts of the issues at hand
It really is quite easy to understand
Many will like it and many will not
Speaking for myself - I like it a lot!

The rest of the world would have to come to terms
With this new reality which solidly confirms
Our belief that Muslims should have a greater say
In the day-to-day affairs and the overall way
That this world is run, less arrogant, more just
All leading hopefully to reduced mistrust
Of everything Islamic in the mindset of the West -
OUR motives would surely pass any honest test!


Democracy today! Let the people speak!
Let the majority everywhere seek
The kind of government they truly want!
Deny it and it will come back to haunt
The ruling elites kept in place by the West
Knowing they cling to power against the best
Interests of the people massing in the street
Eager to vote with their heads, hearts and feet!
Repressing their demands is the certain road
To letting the whole situation explode...

Freedom to participate, no exclusions here!
Form or join a party? The rules are few and clear!
The first major step is simply to depose
All despots, so really anything goes
So long as everybody sincerely fights
For majority rule with minority rights
Whether conservative, liberal, socialist
Communist or, have you guessed it - Islamist!

Go on! We dare you all! Do it today!
We would love to hear what your people have to say!
And tomorrow we would no doubt be well on the way
To reviving the Caliphate without further delay!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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