28 July 2007

This Is My Jihad

- why am I writing all this?

Written late July 2007 - (40 lines)


This is my Jihad and it will go on
Until the battle and the war
Are fought and won and justice is done
And Muslim lands are free once more

Jihad means struggle as best you can
For whatever matters most to you
You may well have to change your plan
But know that you did all you could do

Were I half as old as I am today
I might well be thinking of
Packing my rucksack without delay
Learn how to use a Kalashnikov -

And travel out to join my friends
My Brothers and Sisters in need
To speed up the day when the slavery ends
And what we believe in succeeds

But that is too late I realise
So I have chosen to fight with words
Cutting through the fantastic lies
Like a Jihadist with his sword

Or do I really have a choice?
If nothing else it keeps me sane
Doing my best to give a voice
To the frustration, anger and pain

From Chechnya to Palestine
In the name of national security
We see the truly barbaric design
Of injustice and inhumanity

Sometimes my aim is to ridicule
More often it is to lay bare
The evil actions of those who rule
The inaction of those who do not care

And I will keep on writing this way
Inshallah until my hand is too weak
So you can read what I had to say
When I am no longer here to speak

For my words will still be everywhere
On the world-wide-web in cyberspace
Maybe for future generations to share
At a different time in another place...


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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