29 July 2007

Victim to Perpetrator

- by the masters of deceit

Written late July 2007 - (72 lines)


Israel is so in love, no obsessed
With being the victim, forever harrassed -
It is its chosen natural role
For decades now the very soul
Of the barbaric Zionist state
That thinks the right to perpetrate
Terror against anyone it sees fit
An exclusive right given to it
By a higher power which long ago chose
The Jews so therefore anything goes
Without ever having to justify
Or even explain the reason why -
The sad fact is, though denied by some
This trait has long since become
The focus of its existence and
Its stranglehold on the Holy Land
The very life-drug on which it depends
The obscene slogan with which it defends
Actions indefensible
Anywhere else - but Israel
Can commit any crime with impunity
Just mention "for reasons of security"
And see the results in the daily news -
Oh the poor little persecuted Jews!


Ten thousand in Israeli jails
The sheer number never fails
To amaze, is Israel adamant
That "Dangerous Enemy Combatant"
Is a label that can be applied to all?
Where is the loud international call
To either charge or release them now?
Because nobody dares risk a row
With the Zionist state, that is why -
It is enough to make you cry!


Targeted assassinations
Daily serious violations
Not only of basic human rights
Naturally under the spotlights
Territorial waters and airspace too
Nothing much the neighbours can do
While Mossad plans and Israel waits
Bombing raids on sovereign states
Iraq, Tunisia, Lebanon
Billions of dollars damage done
Never forced to pay the bill
Though the world would have the will
If the few would let the many decide
Instead they always cowardly hide
Behind the Right of VETO - so much
For democracy! Who is out of touch?


The foolish West helped Israel achieve
The nuclear trump card now up its sleeve
The joker held back perhaps to release
The broker of any honest peace
Swiftly from his duties should any dare
To visit the neighbourhood to declare
That the illegal occupation must end -
Before very long Israel would send
Him a message sounding the alarm bells:
Get out of here right now - or else...


International sympathy
Lingering traces of empathy
And general goodwill towards every Jew
After that terrible World War Two
Squandered, wasted, none left for today
Abused in the most short-sighted way
Abysmally stupid but nonetheless true
Staggering arrogance - now there is a clue!

For a brief description which really fits:
Israel truly is the pits!
The lowest common denominator
Has gone from Victim to Perpetrator


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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