21 August 2007


- was Jesus crucified?

Written mid August 2007 - (151 lines)


Jesus! Excuse me! One moment please
Of your precious time so I can ease
My troubled mind - may I have a word!
Are all the stories we have heard
And all the pages we have read
About what you did and what you said
When and where and to whom and why
And so on, do not be shy
Hand on your heart now, I am asking you -
Is it all false or is it true?

Believe me brother, I am not a spy
My regard for you is generally high
But did you really return to the sky?
Is that where you came from in the first place?
Were you sent to guide the human race?
Who is your father, if you do not mind
And where is he now? Still trying to find
Out what happened way back then?
Still intervening now and again
In the petty affairs of men
And women here on planet Earth
So many years after your birth?
Was that not the job for you?
Is it all false or is it true?


Have you heard of Adam, the very first man?
No father, no mother, so some power can
Create life from a handful of soil -
It did make the snake of Eden recoil
With envy and think of ways to spoil
The party of harmony, peace and bliss
And what it cleverly did was this:
By slowly exploiting man's little flaws
The snake pulled him closer like a candle draws
The moth to destruction, until the laws
Of the garden were broken - but all because
That power said "BE!" and life there was!
They say that had nothing to do with you -
Is it all false or is it true?


Please excuse the awkward subject
But you are so far the only suspect
In maybe the greatest mystery
Known in recorded history
It is not easy to dismiss
And, you guessed it, the question is this:

The Christians say you were crucified
But those old rumours have been denied
Many times and in different ways
Now I do not care what the gospel says
So would like the answer straight from you -
Is it all false or is it true?

Or as suggested persistently
A case of mistaken identity?
So who was the third one if not you
Crucified between the other two?
Agreed, the question is not really fair
For how would you know if you were not there?

Or did you watch lost in the crowd?
Evading your captors made you feel proud?
Or just relieved that your life was saved
In exchange for another whose blood was craved
By the angry mob whose verdict was sought
As to who would go free and who be brought
To justice for crimes against the state
And asking no court to deliberate
The Jews condemned their fellow Jew -
Is it all false or is it true?


They say you will return some day -
Can you reveal how long a delay
We mere mortals must endure
Keeping our motivation pure
And expectations high before
One of the major prophets or
A minor one chooses to defect
And tries to help us reconnect
With the cosmic energy
Present in all including me
And what will be your future role
In matters of life and death and the soul?
When exactly are you due?
Is it all false or is it true?


Christians pray and beat the drum
I guess there is always hope for some
Unless a Crusader-Zionist bomb
Blows us all to kingdom come!
Or is that precisely the hope?
So, greeted by a smiling pope
In Paradise will soon be found
Enraptured faces all around
And it could happen at any time
By accident or a planned crime
By that Axis of Evil and its schemes
To implement its nightmare-dreams

Should the sands of time run out - Alas!
When the last grains in the hourglass
Reluctantly shift and fall and pass
The point of no return, the mass
Of the universe might revert
Through opposing forces which exert
Their power then, to a single point
In space and time, prepare to anoint
The one and only saviour then
The trouble is we do not know when
But at that time a camel might fly
Slip easily through the needle-eye
More or less as was prophesied
And greet you on the other side
With salaamualaikum and woe betide
Those who foolishly applied
Too late, or on time but shamelessly lied
Or in some way arrogantly replied
That their expectance of admission relied
On rumours which have long since died -
Their passage will surely be denied
And rightly so for they defied
The power which always will preside
Over proceedings and decide
Who may enter and reside
In that abode to glow with pride
That they made it safely to the other side -

Children of God, do come inside
Get ready for the ultimate joyride
Get your heavenly horses into their stride
Your chariots of glory may spin and slide
Occasionally run dangerously wide
Close to the edge of the great divide
But they will never ever collide -
When you are dizzy and your horses untied
Surfing on the cosmic tide
Should definitely also be tried
Watch it roll in and then subside
With a bit of practice you too can glide -

Any problems you have, do confide
In the supervisor who will provide
The best advice that can be supplied
The warranty is of course implied
And no-one here has anything to hide


My fellow-travellers are well aware
We all have our cross to bear
It is not easy to compare
One with another, but we share
The situation as we stare
Into the future and we dare
To dream that problems everywhere
Else will bypass us, but do prepare
For the day of joy or despair -

For when time gives up the holy ghost
We all shall know what we need most
Many will turn to you-know-who
Yes that ancient legendary Jew...

Oh Jesus! Still here! So I ask YOU -
Is it all false or is it true?


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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