20 August 2007

The Power of Life

- will always win

Written 20 August 2007 - (51 lines)


When you see a young plant sprout
Breaking through the soil without
Any problem think about

What that really represents
Every obstacle soon relents
Nothing hinders or prevents

The force of life from marching on
Powered by the Earth and Sun
Making sure the job is done

By some all-embracing law
Without any apparent flaw
Everything recedes in awe

And concedes the battleground
To the force which can be found
Within ourselves and all around

It permeates the universe
Its roles are many and diverse
Its vital mission to disperse

A presence into each design
A living proof we cannot define
Deep down we know it is benign

That force is irresistible
Maybe it really is the will
Of the Creator who is still

Not fully satisfied with the past
Each action better than the last
The scale and number both so vast

That we can scarcely comprehend
The countless forms of life all send
Different messages which in the end

Merge into one, namely: WE ARE!
Whether nurtured by atom or star
Within our reach or from afar

Before that mysterious force-field
Protected by its magic shield
Everything else must bow and yield

Felt and acknowledged yet concealed
Even if all humanity appealed
Would it ever be revealed?

May heaven forbid that it should
Until we all have understood
This is the only force for good

A small beginning to be aware
Its purpose is to spread and share
The signs of creation everywhere

Watch a seedling pierce the road
Think of the power that was bestowed
According to some sacred code

Where does it have its origin?
God only knows the facts within
The Power of Life will always win


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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