5 August 2007

Made in Germany

- submarine sales to Israel summer 2006

Written early August 2007 - (83 lines)


In case you forgot or did not hear
The news when it first did appear
Here is a delayed but reliable echo
Of something everybody ought to know:

In the summer of two-thousand-and-six
With Israel up to its filthy tricks
While cluster bombs were being spread
And Lebanon was counting its dead
Women and children blown to bits
Nothing sacred or off limits
To the US-Israeli war machine
Which shortly before had been given the green
Light by the UN in New York -

Other demons were also at work
Putting the final touches and the seal
On a truly scandalous deal
Between an EU state and Israel
The sale of nuclear-capable
Submarines from Germany
Without any promise or guarantee
That they would under no circumstance
Carry nuclear warheads in the dance
Of life and death in the Middle East -
That surely was the very least
The Germans should have insisted on
As a precondition for the contract being done

But they saw fit to go ahead without
Any such assurances, content to flout
The safety of the region and in truth of us all -
After murmurs of protest parliament did fall
Into line, and it was passed into law:
Now Germany officially endorses nuclear war!

How disturbing and irresponsible!
Germany's revered principle
Of non-proliferation blown to hell!
Sacrificed for Israel!

It may be easy to dismiss
Some arguments but the point is this:
What does Israel need submarines for?
Protecting its Mediterranean shore?
Hardly credible - but of course it can
Provoke and directly threaten Iran!


German marketing is super-slick:
Special offer, not a trick!
Designed to make your neighbour sick!
Stocks are limited so be quick!
If you are a Zionist
Add your name to our list!
If you can prove you are a Jew
You get three for the price of two!
Pay for two and we deliver three!
Yes that is right, one is free!
A gift from the people of Germany
Wearing sack and ashes in perpetuity
For events which happened so long ago
That few today personally know
Someone who was even alive
All those sixty or sixty-five
Years ago, let alone responsible
For any atrocities attributable
To that generation - how sad!
Further proof that our world is mad!


And a few months later the PM did a tour
Of EU capitals, perhaps to make sure
That the leaders really were the fools he thought
And wherever he went his pleasure was sought:

"Welcome prime minister of the Holy Land!
May we all shake your bloody hand!
Israel is truly the world's last hope!
Do have an audience with our German pope!
He cancelled all appointments except for a few
To make sure he would be able to meet with YOU!

And do let us know if you need more
Of our hardware for your next war!
We would be delighted to assist
Any steadfast Zionist
Who implements the master plan
For a Greater Israel - and to the last man
We will help in any way we can!
You know, we still feel terrible!
We will ALWAYS be here for Israel!"

Common European insanity
Engineered and Made in Germany


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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