4 August 2007

Simply the Beast

- America's latest arms deals / War-on-Terror

Written early August 2007 - (141 lines)


Have you all heard the ominous news?
Using the feeble and obscene excuse:
"To counter the negative influence
Of Iran in the region" the US will dispense
More high-tech weaponry to every friend
Who vaguely promises to defend
The so-called values of the West
And may the devil take the rest
Always looking after number one
What matters is that the deal is done!

And the deal is that over the next decade
America will increase military aid
To Israel to roughly three billion per year
What the Zionists get already is near
That figure officially but in truth more
If you count all the extras probably four
Or five - and what is it for?
To prosecute any proxy-war
Which might further the evil aims
Of Little and Large and their ludicruous claims
That they represent the forces of good
But the world has long since understood
For they have proven time after time
That they are perfect partners in crime!

And the West's Arab client states
Sorry! The Arab moderates
In Israel's backyard and neighbourhood
Will also get more but no-one would
Expect them to get anything free of charge
As terms are dictated by Little and Large

So it is not difficult to see
That at least to a certain degree
The Arabs will effectively pay
For the new weapons on the way
To Israel to threaten them!
Instead they should all try to stem
The flow of arms to reverse the trend
For the industrialised world depends
On the oil of this region to keep the wheels
Turning, but a power conceals
All information that it alone deems
Unsuited for public relations teams
Regarding its dark and evil schemes -
Not very much really is what it seems!

The military-industrial-complex rules
And the president plus other front-line fools
Are there just for show and to cover the real
Masters presiding over every deal

They do not speak the truth, far from it
Their flow of obscene toxic vomit
Is highly contagious - stay well clear
Cover your mouth, eyes and ears
If you are not careful it will take control
Corrode your mind and poison your soul!

So, fifty billion dollars more
Of equipment destined for another war
Will soon be sent to the Middle East!
A self-fulfilling prophecy, a feast
No an orgy of death, as the future appears
To confirm the past and wise men's fears -
What we do not know is how many years
But this can only end in tears...

It is not only biased as usual
But totally irresponsible!

The limitations of military might
Shown daily under the spotlight
The sharp focus of the microscope
Of the media, proves there is no hope
Of improving our world through force of arms
Most are content to remain out of harms
Way, but it will catch up with you
One day, and then what will you do?

Is it not proven every day
That military power is NOT the way
To solving problems, just look around
Iraq and Afghanistan - have you found
Any signs of improvement there?
Same sad story everywhere!
Nation building cannot be done
Through the barrel of a gun
And no amount of weapons can
Or will subdue the Taliban
Or insurgents fighting elsewhere
Through asymmetric warfare
A foreign occupation force -
The long and undulating course
Of history should have taught you by now
But some are too stupid to learn somehow!

And with what right do you interfere
With sovereign states not posing a clear
Immediate and direct threat to you?
We all know you did it only to pursue
Your evil New World Order plan
Which calls for your domination to span
The entire globe, but show us the law
Which permits someone to declare war
On other countries the way you do?
IT DOES NOT EXIST and I hope they sue
For your crimes are many - do you want the list?
Every one of your soldiers is a state terrorist!
Not sent there to heal or help but to harm
Bringing bloody chaos to relative calm
Setting proud nations back a generation at least
While the arms manufacurers are having a feast

For the captains of industry do not care
About causing mayhem and despair
And petty little things like human lives
So long as the family business thrives
Necessitating the constant flood
Of misery, suffering, innocent blood...

Without any morals, regrets or shame
America keeps repeating the same
Mistakes over and over again -
Education would probably be in vain
Half a trillion dollars at least down the drain
On Iraq alone! Where is your brain?
American taxpayers really are insane!

And as usual a closer look confirms
That another little can of harmless worms
Has become a barrel of poisonous snakes!
Has no civilised nation got what it takes
To put the Great Satan firmly in his place
To the benefit of the whole human race?

Should there be general interest
This is what I would suggest:

Ship the bombs back to America
And to shouts of Halleluuuuuuja!
Detonate them in their own backyard
And write upon a flame-proof card:

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!
God hates America! In God we trust!
For your love of money now count the cost!
Your worship of death your basic lust!
The angel of mercy chose to disown
You for your sins and has already flown!
The worldwide hatred of you has grown!
The bumper harvest of what you have sown!
Here is your just recompense!
Pray in silence and enjoy your feast!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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