25 August 2007

Man-Made Laws

- the Wordsmith doing overtime

Written 24-25 August 2007 - (90 lines)


The paper tiger's toothless jaws
Speak volumes as it loudly roars
The imprint of its mighty paws
Reveal the bluntness of its claws


Man-made laws
Have many flaws -

Clutching straws
One person draws
First, to applause
Or a solemn pause
Maybe all because
Of one single clause
Which was the cause -

Of an excuse to litigate
Ten reasons to intimidate
So easy to manipulate
And only to facilitate
An endless legal debate
A lawyer to articulate
Cleverly to postulate
(We trust he will repudiate
Thoughts that just might infiltrate
His mind so as to motivate
Additions to his real estate
And that of his associate
And maybe his affiliate) -

The judge must first investigate
And carefully assimilate
All facts which clearly do relate
To the case, consolidate
His knowledge, commensurate
With his experience, then ruminate
Hopefully not regurgitate
But quietly deliberate
A while and then disseminate
In his own way pontificate
Convincingly elucidate
Quoting law to illuminate
When he is ready to promulgate
What kind of punishment by the state
He found to be appropriate
After giving proper weight
To what he deemed to mitigate
And conversely to aggravate
So he could differentiate
Between the two and stipulate
How seriously to castigate
And when he does adjudicate
He may well choose to liquidate
In plain language confiscate
Your assets to humiliate
In an attempt to subjugate
Or ask someone to arbitrate
Pretending to procrastinate
And go away to hibernate -
Please will someone terminate
Our boredom as we yawn and wait!

Why don't we try to imitate
Copy, mimic, impersonate
Surreptitiously to emulate
Clone or otherwise recreate
Someone else as our duplicate
Deviously enough to implicate
Him instead, to obfuscate
And seriously to complicate
Proceedings, and if not too late
The sheer confusion might frustrate
Sidetrack or simply irritate
The judge and make him reinstate
The status quo, resuscitate
The case, which might disintegrate
And force him to set a re-trial date!

However do not underrate
Nor should we overestimate
How hard it is to pass that gate
But what a way to retaliate!

It all goes to illustrate
The outlook is quite desolate
So why not just capitulate
And save yourself from that fate?

If any reader can relate
To this please do not hesitate
To contact me, do not berate
Me for mistakes - commiserate!

And do not try to speculate
What it is like to suffocate -
I do not know, for at this rate
No more words on my slate!

Must go and hyperventilate!

Thank you for your patience mate!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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