26 August 2007


- more from the freewheeling Wordsmith

Written late August 2007 - (88 lines)


MYSPEAK was my first domain name


I speak MySpeak
You speak NewSpeak
Couples speak DoubleSpeak

Is anything wrong with that?
Much better than idle chat!
Some prefer a public spat
Ping-pong and tit-for-tat
Hold on to your scarf or hat!
I thought this would fall flat -
You also like the format?

Many find it simply bleak
And some that it is up the creek
While others turn the other cheek
Someone told me last week
It would soon be time to tweak
My rhymes for they were getting weak!
Why would I listen to a freak!
Did not reply with one squeak!
Content to plod on and eke
Out the last few words to seek
Perfection at the very peak
Of expression, concerned no leak
Reaches media which might wreak
Havoc through a sneak-peek
Before finished, when with a shriek
Of joy you all will MySpeak!

Some want to join the clique
One left in a fit of pique
Offering unhelpful critique
Referring in a rather oblique
Manner to the real mystique
Recognised in the technique
Acknowledging it is unique -

Hello is anybody there?
Someone with lots of time to spare!

I like wordplay
But only on a workday
Unless it is my birthday!
Someone heard me say
Maybe in a blurred way
Maybe in a slurred way
Maybe in some third way
But NOT in an absurd way
For me it is the gateway
To sanity and anyway
It helps me clear my airway
Is more or less the mainstay
To stave off the doomsday
It will always outweigh
All other things I do or say -

What is this hearsay:
My head needs an X-ray?
Absolutely no way!
No need for a MayDay!

All very talkative
Sometimes combative
Everyone's prerogative
Not wholly persuasive
Everything is relative
For the hyperactive
Their energy is massive
The opposite of passive
Do live and let live
Unless of course YOU give -

MySpeak a bad name
You lit the mad flame
Now play the sad game
Your latest fad is tame
I will gladly blame
YOU because your dad came
Without a doubt he had the aim
To interrupt me add my claim
To stardom and lasting fame
Now things will never be the same
That is why I clad my frame
In sack and ashes - what a shame!

That is what I say
No-one listens anyway!
But be that as it may
What can I do to sway
You to come out and play?
I can only hope and pray!

I do it all for free
Do you read me?
Hello? Hello?
You really say so?
You read me? You do?
Over to YOU!


Copyright © 2007 - IBRAHEEM (O.E.H.Johansen) - All Rights Reserved

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